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What Does Premium Mean When it Comes to Rolling Papers?

Posted by David on

Anyone who likes to roll their own herbs in paper knows that the quality of papers can vary a lot. At The Vape Mall, we only sell premium rolling papers, which is why so many customers remark on how superior the papers we offer are to others that are popular on the market.

Premium rolling papers are simply rolling papers that are made with higher standards. If you’re new to rolling, you might think that all papers are basically alike, but this just isn’t the case. Some companies put more effort into ensuring a consistent product, while using better-quality materials.

Five Reasons to Use Premium Rolling Papers

Now we can dive into these specific reasons for why you should switch to premium rolling papers, if you haven’t already done so.

Reason #1: Cleaner

Premium rolling papers are made with better materials, and they’re not processed with chemical treatments that put questionable ingredients into that which you’ll be inhaling into your lungs. Therefore, they are cleaner, and better for you.

We tend to underestimate just how much rolling papers can actually be harmful based on what this type of product is made from and how they are processed, but anything that you are going to be inhaling should be as clean and natural as possible.

Reason #2: Friendlier to the Environment

Premium rolling papers are also better for the environment. They’re made with natural ingredients that don’t contribute to pollution, and they break down naturally so that they don’t put toxins into the surrounding area.

Reason #3: Taste Better

You’ll likely find that once you switch to premium rolling papers, you enjoy a better taste with each smoke. That is because like we said, premium rolling papers are cleaner, and less likely to contain chemicals that interfere with the flavor of your hemp. The papers can have a big impact on the taste of your smoke, which is just another reason why you should try to buy only premium papers. Many of the materials used in premium papers, including rice, actually taste good, and make the entire experience more flavorful.

Reason #4: They Work Better

Many people find that premium rolling papers just work better, both during the rolling process and while smoking. They tend to be stronger which prevent them from ripping, and they usually burn more easily, not to mention slowly, which allows you to get more out of each and every puff. This can help you enjoy your experience with flower more by ensuring that each smoke delivers a consistently satisfying experience.

Reason #5: More Consistent

Speaking of consistency, premium papers tend to be made with more care, which is why they’re consistent. You won’t find that each package contains a dud that rips before you get to a full roll, or one that burns way too fast for no apparent reason. Each batch is made exactly like the last, because the people who are making it are putting a lot more effort into ensuring that they produce a high-quality product. Some companies even make their rolling papers in small batches for absolute quality control.

It’s Clear: Opt for Premium Rolling Papers

These types of rolling papers seem to offer numerous advantages over the ones that are more commercially available. While they can sometimes cost a bit more, the price is totally worth it as they contribute to giving you a much more satisfying smoking experience. Therefore, explore the premium papers we have at The Vape Mall, and enjoy the higher level of quality that affects everything from the taste to the rate at which your herb burns.

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