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Top 5 Koi CBD Products at The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

If there’s one CBD brand that we’re extremely honored to offer here at The Vape Mall, it’s Koi CBD. These guys have been pioneers in the hemp industry, and while they’re mainly known throughout the hemp community as manufacturers of some of the best and tastiest CBD vape juice around, they offer other phenomenally formulated hemp products as well.

“Which Koi CBD Product Should I Buy?”

Each product is unique in terms of its formula and means of delivery, and exceptional in its own unique way.

#5: Koi Naturals CBD Healing Balm

Who doesn’t love topicals? They’re easy to apply, can provide targeted relief and act quickly. Koi Naturals CBD Healing Balm is a THC-free topical balm that absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving behind that annoying greasy feeling. It’s loaded with hemp compounds that sink into the skin and muscles, as it contains a true spectrum hemp extract. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also infused with a variety of essential oils that are known to provide relief to both the skin and the muscular tissue beneath.

#4: Koi CBD Infused Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are the ultimate treat for anyone who enjoys a nice, long soak after a stressful day. Not only do they enhance the bathwater with a wonderful, calming fragrance, but they also infuse the water with quality hemp, which allows you to absorb those desirable compounds directly into the body through topical means. Koi CBD Infused Bath Bombs come in a variety of fragrances that are all made with pure essential oils. And, you’ll love watching them fizz away in the bathwater.

#3: Koi Hemp Wellness Shot

This Koi Hemp Wellness Shot is a CBD beverage, and lots of people are excited about this unique product because of its ease of use, exceptional flavor, stellar quality and unique delivery that allows for widespread, long-lasting hemp power. Like all products from Koi Naturals, the hemp is tested by a third-party lab, and the rest of the formula is clean, meaning that you can feel good about chugging down one of these on a daily basis. Most people use it for energy-related purposes, but no matter what, each shot gives your body a generous dose of the hemp compounds that the body loves.

#2: Koi Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

If there’s one delivery method that remains extremely popular, it’s sublingual administration via an oral tincture. One of the best-selling CBD tinctures on the market today comes from – you guessed it – Koi Naturals. Their Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures is an oral tincture made with the highest standards in mind. Not only does it come in a variety of milligram strengths so that you can choose your preferred potency level, but it also comes in a number of tasty flavors as well. The full spectrum hemp extract contains the full variety of cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients as they naturally occur in the plant, which allows you to enjoy the entourage effect, meaning that each dose gives you the plant’s synergistic properties.

#1: Koi CBD Ejuice

There’s no doubt that Koi Naturals’ claim to fame is their CBD e-liquids. For one thing, they taste absolutely outstanding. Secondly, they are made with exceptional quality in mind. This Ejuice comes in 30ml bottles, and is available in a variety of milligram strengths, which is great for those who are particular about their potency level. You can choose from a wide range of mouthwatering flavors. Best of all, this e-liquid is extremely versatile, meaning that you can use it with most vaping devices. There’s even an additive option, which simply allows you to infuse any existing vape juice with hemp extract, turning ordinary e-juices into CBD vapes.

There’s a Koi Naturals Product for Everybody

Observe the list above and choose which product is most likely to suit your unique hemp-related needs. Or, if you really want to get a feel for what makes this company so unique, try a few of their wonderful products to enjoy a fully targeted daily hemp routine.

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