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The Vape Mall Has Your Vape Battery & Charger Needs Covered for 2024!

Posted by David on

2024 is coming up in no time, which means that this is the month to really reevaluate our vaping supplies and decide where we could make some upgrades, as loads of new products are getting launched for the holidays. Maybe not the most glamorous of hardware, those batteries and chargers are, undeniably, extremely important components of any vaping setup, and at The Vape Mall, we have you covered with a great selection of 2023’s top performers, which are destined to remain go-to’s as we move into a new year.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Vape Batteries and Chargers?

When’s the last time you invested in a new vape battery or charger? These essential parts of a vape hardware collection aren’t meant to last forever, no matter how high-quality and expensive they are. It’s recommended that you switch to a new battery and charger at least once a year, as even if these devices are still performing properly, they can lose their full potential as time goes on with repeated use, becoming weaker and having a harder time maintaining any capacity between charging sessions.

Besides that, the world of vaping hardware is always evolving, and that applies to batteries and chargers as much as any other equipment. So, you might be missing out on some spectacular new technology by holding onto those old models.

Evod 1000mAh Manual Battery

The Evod 1000mAh Manual Battery is a super pocket-friendly, all-in-one battery pen that features a universal 510-threaded connection, for your various oil cartridges. It’s charged through this connection (the charger is sold separately), and features a single firing button for maximum control over each puff that you take. It also happens to come in a great selection of gorgeous colors, for a nice bonus.

Generic Vision Spinner 3 1600mAh

For something a bit more heavy-duty, there’s this 1600mAh battery that offers an even higher capacity, for longer-lasting vaping sessions and more power behind every pull of vapor. It also uses a 510-threaded connection, so that your go-to oil cartridges can be enjoyed to the max. It includes a firing button and battery light indicator, along with the ability to select between different voltages to control the output, via a dial at the base of the device. It also features impressive safety features, including an 8-second cutoff time. It's arguably one of the most powerful 510 battery pens for oil carts that you’ll find on the market today.

EGO II 2200mAH Battery

Moving onto the most powerful battery of all, the EGO II features an unbelievable 2200mAh battery that can give you everything you ever wanted out of a portable vape pen device. This 510-threaded battery is understandably larger than the other 2, but it’s still small enough to take with you while you travel about. It can last for hours upon hours without needing a recharge, which can really come in handy if you’re vaping away from home on a regular basis.

Micro USB Charger

The majority of vaping systems coming out nowadays, as well as vape battery pens for oil cartridges, require a micro USB charger, and that’s why we can’t recommend stocking up on at least 1 of these even if you’re happy with the one you have. No one wants to be without the ability to charge their device, and accidents happen – like we leave that small cable at a friend’s house, or even misplace it somehow. It’s only a couple bucks, so it’s well worth the peace of mind.

European Wall Blocks and Charger Adapter

From the ultra-popular brand eLeaf, this charging adapter is great for Nitecore external 18650 battery chargers, and it’s constructed to last. You can choose between the wall block and the charger adapter based on your charging needs.

Wall Charger

Trust us – it’s helpful to have an entirely separate wall charger for your phone, and one for your vape, especially if you use both devices away from home frequently. This wall charger is very inexpensive, so it’s a no-brainer, offering a designated wall charger for your USB-charged devices, into which a cable will be able to fit.

USB Twist Charger

The USB Twist Charger is another essential charger if you want something that can charge 510-threaded pens and attach to a USB device. It can be super handy if you’re using a device that charges through the upper 510-threaded connection, rather than through a traditional USB port.

10-Foot USB to USB-C Charger Cord

This handy little adapter is great for getting those USB-C devices charged with a standard USB charging device, and at 10 feet, it’s got a lot of surface area to say the least. Keep in mind that this charger is only compatible with vaping devices, as it isn’t equipped for cell phones or other devices.

Stock Up on New Battery and Charging Supplies at The Vape Mall!

At The Vape Mall, we offer only the latest and greatest in vape batteries and chargers, to ensure you’re enjoying nothing but the best technology that is out there today. And, as you can see, we have a great selection to choose from, to ensure something for every vaper out there.  

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