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Technology Being Crucial in Cannabis Advancements

Posted by David on

The CBD industry is booming right now, in case you haven’t noticed. Thanks to new changes in laws regarding hemp cultivation, researchers are finally able to really examine this fascinating compound in order to figure out ways in which it can possibly help treat and manage certain conditions. And, with so many positive studies coming out on a weekly basis, more and more hemp companies are popping up in order to try their hand at selling CBD-infused products for therapeutic purposes.

If there’s one thing that’s fueling the CBD industry, it’s technology. Thanks to new advancements in technology, the CBD industry can thrive in ways it would not have been able to ten years ago. These days, we’re seeing a wide range of products that are formulated with technology in mind in order to help heal the mind and body. We’re also seeing new techniques in hemp cultivation and extraction that are improving the beneficial properties of this natural, plant-based compound.

Techniques for Extracting the Perfect CBD

CBD products all start with the hemp plant. First, the plant is grown, usually organically, and picked to be turned into a concentrated oil. The extraction process involves turning the plant material into an oil substance that’s rich in nutrients, terpenes and cannabinoids. Then, it’s combined with other ingredients and bottled to be sold.

If it weren’t for the amazing advancements in technology, we wouldn’t be getting high-quality hemp extract each time we purchase a CBD product. In order for hemp extract to retain its therapeutic properties, the extraction process must be performed in a certain way. New technology has allowed us to discover the CO2 extraction process that involves forcing CO2 through the plant material so that we end up with an oil that’s barely lost any of its unique chemical composition. Without this process, we’d be getting CBD that was far less potent.

There are other methods of extraction that utilize technologically advanced machinery to end up with a purified product. There’s also the process of decarboxylation which gently heats certain compounds in hemp to activate them. This technologically advanced process allows us to enjoy a CBD oil without having to apply heat to it beforehand, which means it’s far easier to use and therefore more accessible to the general public.

New Methods of Testing

The CBD industry could not thrive if it weren’t for the testing practices that are performed on batches of hemp oil. These laboratory tests allow us to know the purity of the hemp product, its organic status and its terpene profile. This allows consumers to know that they’re getting a high-quality product. It also allows them to understand the unique strain of the plant as each terpene profile represents a different strain of cannabis.

Knowing the strain of the CBD that you wish to purchase is incredibly helpful. As we now know, different strains produce different effects on the mind and body. Certain indica strains are best for those who suffer from severe anxiety while certain sativa strains can be stimulating and energizing. And, certain strains are particularly beneficial toward the immune system and other particular bodily processes.

We wouldn’t have access to this information if it weren’t for the new technology used to perform these lab tests. Knowing the strain can help doctors in medical environments as well. If a patient has a particular issue, the doctor could prescribe a particular strain that’s known to be particularly effective at treating the patient’s ailment.

New and Effective Ways to Consume Hemp

Of course, technology is to thank for the abundance of ways to consume hemp these days. What’s particularly worth noting is the development of electronic devices that allow us to vape the compound. Vaping CBD is especially helpful to those who want quick relief from something like a panic attack or a sudden onset of pain because of the fast-acting nature of this method of consumption.

When it comes to the vaping devices that are out today, the sky is the limit. CBD enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of vaping devices that each boast their own unique features. Certain products allow the user to adjust wattage levels for a stronger hit per puff. Others have special functions that allow the user to enjoy herbal concentrates as well. The vaping industry is incredibly popular right now, meaning that we expect to see more exciting advancements in the years to come.

Technology has also allowed CBD manufacturers to produce highly effective formulations. For instance, topical CBD creams are known to be useful to those dealing with localized pain. Thanks to advancements in technology, skincare companies are finding ways to infuse their products with hemp extract that’s specifically helpful for targeting pain that’s hard to treat.

Clinical Studies That Couldn’t Have Been Performed 10 Years Ago

What’s fueling the CBD industry more than anything else is the abundance of clinical studies that are coming out. These studies are showing us that there are, in fact, legitimate benefits to hemp that make CBD useful to take therapeutically. Researchers now have the ability to dissect and study the hemp plant like never before so that we can gain a better understanding when it comes to how this compound interacts with the human body. These studies also allow us to learn more about the endocannabinoid system, a system within the body that uses cannabinoids to achieve homeostasis.

Without the proper technology, none of these studies would have been possible. Now that they’re publicly available, clinical experts can use them in order to formulate CBD products that can be used by doctors and other medical experts. If doctors can see these clinical studies for themselves, they’ll be more likely to prescribe hemp to their patients so that they can treat their ailments.

Technology Truly is Key

Without technology, the CBD industry would not be nearly as popular as it is today. And, as technology continues to advance, we expect to see CBD become only more accessible and effective over time.

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