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Should You Transfer Dry Herbs from One Herbal Device to Another?

Posted by David on

If you’re a fan of dry herb devices, chances are that you own at least one in your collection. Dry herb devices allow us to enjoy our herbs without having to smoke them, as these systems turn our goods into smooth vapor that dissipates quickly into the air, allowing for a more discreet and customized experience.

One thing that vapers wonder is whether or not it’s okay to transfer dry herb from one device to another. Today, we’ll be talking about whether or not that’s a good idea.

Why a Person May Want to Transfer Dry Herbs Between Devices

Before we give you a definitive answer, let’s first discuss why someone may wish to do this in the first place. The most common reason is because there’s some malfunction with the device that the person is using, but they’re not done vaping, and so they want to move it to another device so that they continue enjoying their experience. Another reason may be because the device that they’re using isn’t really suited for the particular herb that they have. Or, they may feel that another device will bring out a better flavor, smoother vapor or some other attribute that’s more appealing.

As you know, there are hundreds or more vaporizers on the market today. Each one is unique in terms of its design, features, output levels and so on. So, it’s not surprising that a user may wish to transfer herbs to another device in the middle of a vaping session.

What Happens When You Transfer Herbs from One Device to Another

So, is it okay to move herbs from one device to another? Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than you may like it to be. For one thing, it all depends on how deep into your vaping session you are. If you only just inserted your herb and took a hit or two, you’re more likely to have no problem making the transfer. This is because the longer that herb sits in the chamber and has heat applied to it, the more its chemical compounds become unstable, and the more prone it is to breaking down. So, the act of physically moving it can end up being more than your herb can handle.

It also depends on the herbal vaporizer that you started with. If it’s a more low-powered device, the herb is less likely to become destabilized while you vape it. So, moving it to another device may be just fine.

Ultimately, once your herb is being vaporized, you want to tamper with it as little as possible. So, if you can, try to avoid moving it unless it’s absolutely necessary, like if your device stops working.

Bottom Line… The Option to Do So is There, But Really isn’t Advised

It is technically possible to transfer herbs between devices, but we recommend avoiding it if you can help it. As you can see, it may cause destabilization of the compounds as well as the product itself. 

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