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Should You Still Apply CBD Lotion if You Have Sunburn?

Posted by David on

Are you the type of person who loves summer, and could spend hours laying beneath the sun, soaking in all of that light and heat? If so, you probably know a thing or two about sunburn, which happens to just about all of us, as we have a tendency to stay in the sunshine for longer than our skin can handle. Sunburn is extremely common and can vary in severity, but most often, it’s extremely benign, and goes away on its own after a few days.

If you’re a sun lover and a hemp enthusiast, you might have some questions regarding whether or not it’s okay to use a CBD topical such as a hemp lotion when dealing with sunburn.

What is CBD Lotion, and What Does it Do?

CBD lotion is a type of hemp topical that supplies the skin, muscles and joints with cannabinoids through transdermal application. Cannabinoid receptors that are found within this tissue of the body receive the cannabinoids that are applied, which allows for the potential for various effects to occur as a result. Many people who use CBD topicals are those who are dealing with muscle aches and pains, as well as skin issues such as inflammation and irritation.

Is it Okay to Apply CBD Lotion if You Have a Sunburn?

So, you spent all day yesterday on the beach, and you woke up this morning to find a pink tinge to your skin. Can you still apply your daily dose of CBD lotion, or should you wait until the sunburn heals? Well, the good news is that CBD lotion should not cause any issues with your sunburn whatsoever. CBD does not have a negative effect on sun damage, and CBD is not naturally irritating.

The only way in which you could run into trouble would be if the CBD lotion formula has some sort of irritating ingredient, such as a harsh fragrance, that is known to be irritating to the skin. This has nothing to do with the CBD itself, and most CBD lotions are free of these kinds of harsh ingredients. But, if you already have sensitive skin, you should make sure that the lotion doesn’t have any ingredients that irritate you, because when you have a sunburn, your skin is more sensitive than ever.

Can CBD Help with a Sunburn?

Here’s what’s interesting about using a CBD lotion after getting a sunburn. CBD offers a few unique properties that might actually be useful to someone who is recovering from this type of skin damage. For one thing, CBD seems to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which help with pain, even when applied topically to the skin. Further, CBD has antioxidants, which may be able to preserve the health of the skin by protecting the cells from damage, such as damage caused by sun exposure. Therefore, we actually think that using CBD lotion after a sunburn is a good idea, because the cannabinoid receptors in the skin may be able to utilize the CBD in the lotion to aid in the recovery following a sunburn.

How to Use CBD if You Have Sunburn

So, if you want to use CBD specifically for a sunburn, how should you go about doing that? Well the good news is that topicals are the easiest delivery method of all. You don’t need to measure out a specific amount. Simply apply enough CBD lotion directly to the sunburn to cover the entire surface area with a thin layer. Massage it into the skin deeply so that as much of the cannabinoids absorb as possible. You can apply your CBD lotion a couple of times a day, as needed.

Allow CBD to Be Part of Your Summertime Routine

Dealing with sunburn is anything but pleasant, as the pain can last for days, and the skin can develop an unsightly appearance as it tries to heal itself. The good news is that CBD lotion should not disrupt the natural healing process that occurs following a sunburn. In fact, given its unique properties, using CBD lotion when dealing with a sunburn may actually be a great idea.

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