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Should You Always Vape at Max Wattage Level?

Posted by David on

One of the main selling points of any vape mod is its wattage capabilities – mainly, how high of a wattage the device supports. Naturally, there are plenty of benefits to vaping at a high wattage: bigger clouds, more vapor and stronger flavor, to name a few. But, does that mean that the highest wattage setting is always the best way to go? Not necessarily, as you’re about to learn.

Wattage: Pod Systems vs Box Mods

As we know, pod systems and box mods operate at different general wattage ranges. Pod systems of today tend to hover around 25 watts max, with some specialized systems going higher to accommodate sub-ohm vaping as an advanced feature. Meanwhile, today’s box mods can reach up to 230 watts, which is nothing short of astonishing, and a true accomplishment that speaks to the innovation of vape hardware companies.

The reason why there’s such a big difference in wattage between these two types of devices is because they’re for two entirely different styles of vaping.

  • -Box mods are great for sub-ohm vaping, which is also direct-lung vaping – the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs, allowing for larger clouds. Basically, a higher wattage is needed to produce the right amount of vapor.
  • -Pod systems are less about lots of vapor, and more about a satisfying nicotine hit – that’s why they’re made for mouth-to-lung vaping, which introduces a smaller amount of vapor into the mouth before it’s inhaled. This means lower wattage levels are necessary.

What Determines the Ideal Wattage Level for Vaping?

Determining the right wattage for your vaping session relies on many individual factors pertaining to both your setup and what it is that you want out of a vaping experience.


The coil that you’re using has the biggest role in the wattage you should be vaping at. The coil’s resistance level and the wattage of your device share an important relationship. The higher your wattage is set at; the lower your coil’s resistance level must be in order to properly convert liquid into vapor given the power supply that it’s being given.

E-Liquid Type

Higher VG e-liquids are better suited for higher wattage levels, because vegetable glycerin adds viscosity to your e-liquid which makes it harder to vaporize unless it’s being heated at a higher temperature. If you’re vaping an e-liquid with at least a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, you’re going to want to start looking at a higher wattage range.


Wattage for sure can impact flavor, as higher wattages can produce a stronger flavor. That can be a good or bad thing depending on your tastes and the flavor of the e-liquid itself. E-liquid flavor profiles that contain a lot of sweetener, or artificial-tasting ingredients, may become less enjoyable to the palate at high wattage levels. Similarly, menthol-heavy vapes may be too cooling and almost harsh at high wattages for more sensitive individuals.

Your Vaping Preferences

The other thing that you need to consider is your own personal preferences. How much vapor do you want to inhale per puff? How sensitive are you to strong hits of vapor that can feel a bit harsh? How important is cloud size to your vaping experience? All of these things determine the wattage that’s appropriate for you.

What Can Happen if Your Wattage is Too High?

Another thing that’s very important to keep in mind is that going with the highest wattage setting of your device can really backfire if you don’t have the right setup for it. For instance, using the highest wattage with a coil that’s designed for lower-wattage vaping will almost definitely burn out your coil right off the bat, which is a waste. Also, if using lower-capacity batteries, your battery life will drain very quickly so that you’ll find yourself always having to charge.

Bottom Line: The higher the wattage, the faster you will go through both your coils and e-juice.

How to Find the Perfect Vaping Wattage

All that being said, how do you know how high your wattage should be? While it is certainly possible to have a gratifying vape at the highest wattage level, you should never adjust your wattage to the highest setting right off the bat. Instead, consider these two primary tips below:

Tip #1: Check the Coil’s Compatibility

First off, you should check the compatibility of the coil you’re using. Coils come with a clear wattage range that’s appropriate for their resistance level, written on the box. For instance, some coils are rated for 50-70 watts, and others for 90-110 watts. You absolutely must use a wattage that is allowable by the coil according to the manufacturer, or your coil will burn out and your vape won’t be satisfying.

Top #2: Start Low and Slow

It’s always best to start with the lowest wattage setting and work your way up in small increments until you’ve found your sweet spot. This way, you don’t risk burning your coil in any way.

Quick Reminder: By carefully building up your wattage level, and considering your coil’s ideal wattage range, you can find the right wattage for your vaping needs and setup without it backfiring. 

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