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Sherlock Silicone Pipes: Past and Present

Posted by David on

If you’ve been wanting use a new pipe, it’s worth considering a Sherlock silicone pipe. More herb users are finding that this type of novelty-styled pipe is the one that brings them the most satisfying experience.

What is a Sherlock Pipe?

A Sherlock pipe is a pipe with a bowl at the end and a long, curved mouthpiece. The bowl is raised above the base, and sometimes has legs or a flat base in order to allow the pipe to sit upright when not in use. It almost always has a carburetor to aid in airflow.

What is the History of Sherlock Pipes?

Sherlock pipes may seem like a new trend, but they’re anything but. The pipe is inspired by the kind that Sherlock Holmes smoked in his fictional novels, hence the name. The style of pipe has indeed been in use for over a century, but for most of that time, it was associated solely with tobacco use. Herb enthusiasts found that it offered specific advantages over other pipes intended for herb, however, and so Sherlock pipes were developed specially for this type of product.

Silicone Sherlock Pipes

Traditionally, Sherlock pipes made for smoking herb were made of glass. Now, however, silicone pipes are becoming more and more popular, due to their durability which makes them less likely to crack or shatter. Further, silicone pipes are lighter in weight and easier to store and travel with. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Sherlock pipes made from silicone have become incredibly popular in recent years.

Why More Herbal Enthusiasts are Gravitating Toward Silicone Sherlock Pipes

Herb enthusiasts are beginning to favor this type of pipe for several reasons.

Reason #1: Material

The silicone material itself has many advantages, as we said earlier.

Reason #2: Shape

Sherlocks offer some unique advantages as a result of the shape. The main one has to do with the airflow that comes from the stem. Because it’s long and curved, it acts as a chimney that helps cool down the smoke before it makes its way into the mouth through the hole. Cooler smoke is more enjoyable than hot smoke, as many find, and it results in a smoother inhale as well.

Reason #3: Easy to Hold

Sherlock pipes tend to be uniquely enjoyable to handle for long periods of time. The hand can wrap around the base, which requires less effort than cradling a more conventional bowl-style pipe.

Different Types of Sherlock Silicone Pipes on the Market Today

These days, you can find a wide array of Sherlock silicone pipes on the market, as they are becoming extremely popular. For one thing, they come in a variety of sizes, with some that are practically pocket-friendly, and others being quite large. Of course, the bowl size varies as well, and so that must be considered when choosing the appropriate size.

A nice portion of Sherlocks are more elaborately designed than others, in terms of shape, color and pattern. To expand on that, some are actually bubblers, which use water to cool the smoke further.

Find Out What a Novelty Sherlock Silicone Pipe Has to Offer Today!

Sherlock silicone pipes offer many unique advantages over other types of devices used for herbal purposes. At The Vape Mall, we offer a generous array of this style so that enthusiasts can find the best one for their specific needs and preferences. You’ll certainly find one that suits your needs.

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