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Setting the Vaping “Mood”

Posted by David on

Have you ever noticed that our vaping habits and preferences can change depending on our mood? Hence, one of the many wonderful things about vaping is that we can customize elements of the vaping experience in order to complement the way that we feel. This applies to the e-liquid flavors that we vape, but also the hardware that we use.

Mood #1: “It’s Been a Long Day”

We all know this feeling. Maybe it’s one of those days when a bunch of little things are going wrong, and we can only take so much more. Or, maybe something went wrong at work, and we’re just feeling drained of energy.

When we’ve had a long day, we tend to gravitate toward more comforting flavors and experiences. This is why it’s not unusual to opt for sugary e-liquid flavors that remind us of the treats we’d like to indulge in when we’re feeling low. We may also be more prone to utilizing hardware in a way that produces the biggest clouds, as cloud-chasing can be a relaxing hobby.

Mood #2: “I Need a Vacation”

If you’ve been dying for a getaway due to the daily grind getting you down, you’re likely going to find that you’re more attracted to exotic e-liquids that remind you of paradise. If you can’t hop on a plane in order to visit a beautiful island for a few days, you can at least treat yourself to island-specific flavors like pineapple, coconut and passion fruit, after all.

Mood #3: “This is My Favorite Time of Year”

If your mood seems to become very upbeat during a specific time of year, such as the holidays or the summer season, you’re likely to express your enthusiasm in the way that you vape. Most often, you’ll opt for seasonal flavors that help you make the most of your most favorite time of year. For instance, if summer is the season that makes you feel the happiest, you’ll likely be stocking up on lemonade, watermelon and ice cream flavors.

Mood #4: “I’m Living Life to the Fullest”

If you’re feeling ambitious, motivated and optimistic, you may be gravitating toward more advanced hardware that lets you push the limitations of technology by exploring and customizing different aspects of vaping. This type of mood can be complemented by high-wattage devices that offer a massive range of output levels and settings.

Mood #5: “My Patience is Very Low”

If you’re feeling low on patience due to a particularly trying day, you’re likely to stick to a much simpler setup than usual. The simpler the setup, the smaller the chance that something will go wrong. You may go with your trusty low-wattage pod system and a more predictable flavor like menthol or tobacco.

Mood #6: “I’m Feeling Spontaneous”

If you’re feeling particularly spontaneous, you may end up going with a vape juice flavor that’s completely out of the box. Or, you may mix a few different flavors together and hope for the best. When we feel spontaneous, adjusting our vaping setup is one of the most risk-free ways to make the most of this state of mind.

Get in the Right Vaping Mood Today!

As you can see, our vaping tastes tend to change along with our moods. One of the wonderful things about vaping is that we can adjust our setup in order to accommodate our present state of mind. There’s a wide world of flavors and hardware out there, and you can explore as much as you’d like until you find a device and vape juice that suit your mood perfectly.

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