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None of the Democratic Candidates Understand Vaping

Posted by David on

As we all know, it’s an election year, which means that the debates are heating up. For vape enthusiasts, this means that the future of the industry may change in the very near future, depending on which candidate is elected. Many vapers are eagerly following the debates in order to see whether or not vaping comes up, and what the candidates intend to do about the industry which is in a great transitional stage due to recent shifts in legislation and the FDA’s attempt to crack down on the industry like never before.

Those who have been following the democratic debates have been hopeful that the left would take a more pro-vaping stance, compared to the republicans who have a reputation for having their pockets filled by big tobacco. However, as we’ve seen, leading democratic candidates seem to be clueless about the vaping industry, to a point that it’s concerning. If vaping is the public health crisis that the government wants us to believe it is, surely top contenders should know a thing or two about the industry before stepping onto the platform.

Democratic Candidates’ Stances on Vaping

Two weeks ago, candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders appeared to be very much caught off guard when asked about vaping. Of course, between growing tensions in Iran, environmental concerns and concerning immigration laws, it’s understandable that vaping isn’t an issue taking front and center at the debates. Still, Sanders and Biden showed an alarming lack of education regarding the vaping industry, which is worrying to anyone who uses e-cigarette products to stay off of tobacco cigarettes.

When asked for his stance on vaping at a recent rally in Iowa, Biden shared that he demands absolute scientific research regarding the long-term effects of vaping. He went on to say that he would require this data before allowing vape products to be sold. Then, he made it clear that if any data were to emerge showing that it’s anything less than 100 percent safe, he would ban the industry altogether. Funny enough, he didn’t say that he would do the same for the cigarette industry that claims thousands upon thousands of lives each year.

When it came time for Bernie Sanders to state his opinion, he dropped a bombshell by stating that evidence shows that vaping has negative effects on a person’s health. As we know, no studies have stated this thus far. He went on to make a vague statement about how the industry needs to cease producing products that “make kids sick.” Shortly after, a campaign staffer attempted to clarify the Senator’s statement, claiming that he meant that he needs to study the topic more thoroughly. Needless to say, we all agree with him.

It’s also worth pointing out that Elizabeth Warren seems to have a more vape-friendly stance than any of the other democratic candidates. One thing that we can absolutely get behind is her insistence that the CDC and DHS come clean about using news stories about sickness related to THC cartridges to demonize the vaping industry, which is completely unrelated. She also seems to be challenging some of the FDA’s unbacked claims in regard to supposed health risks associated with vaping.

What This Means for the Future of the Vaping Industry

Many have been feeling that the vaping industry is more heavily scrutinized by the Republican party due to a long history of strong ties to tobacco industry higher-ups. Therefore, many vapers have hoped that the Democratic party would be more insistent that the vaping industry be accessible to all. However, it’s clear that overall, presidential candidates are alarmingly uninformed when it comes to vaping, with many parroting mainstream news stories regarding vaping that have been proven false time and time again.

If there’s one thing that we can hope for, it’s that all candidates carefully research the vaping industry more thoroughly, so that the industry can continue to thrive in the coming years. These candidates have the power to make or break the industry’s future, and we’re relying on them to know what they’re talking about so that people can continue to use vaping as a means to quit tobacco cigarettes. Of course, we also hope that tobacco lobbyists don’t influence the government to pass anti-vaping laws to suit their agenda.

Democrat or Republican: Politicians Need to Be Properly Educated on Vaping

If there’s one thing that vapers hope to see over the next year, it’s more democratic candidates doing their homework on vaping. The future of the industry may very well lie in their hands, and if they remain largely uninformed, it may be destructive to the vaping community who relies on this technology to stay off of cigarettes. In the meantime, we urge you to reach out to elected officials and ask them to study the facts on vaping.

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