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New Year’s Vaping Resolutions

Posted by David on

The time of year has arrived when we begin to take inventory of our lives and create new goals for the new year. When we think of our new year’s resolutions, we tend to think of ways in which we can improve our health, finances, habits and psychological well-being.

If you’re a vaper, you may want to think of making some vape-related resolutions as well. After all, vape enthusiasts tend to take their hobby very seriously, meaning that vaping makes up a big part of their daily lives. Therefore, making a change to your vaping lifestyle can have a pretty big effect on your day-to-day life.

Need some help? No problem. These resolutions below can help improve your vaping life tremendously.

Resolution #1: Really Giving Up Cigarettes for Good

A lot of people who have recently switched to vaping find that they still smoke the odd cigarette from time to time, most often in social settings. So, how about making 2020 the year when you finally say goodbye to tobacco once and for all? As you know, many former smokers have managed to completely ditch cigarettes by starting a vaping hobby, which means that you can too. After all, going tobacco-free can dramatically improve your life, so why not make it a goal of the new year?

Resolution #2: Starting a DIY Vaping Hobby

Another great way to start the new year off on the right foot is by starting up a DIY vaping hobby. If you want to save money and be more in control of your vaping experience, making e-liquids from scratch is a great choice. While it does require some initial time, money and effort, it can pay off tremendously. Making your own e-liquids lets you create your own innovative flavors, spend less money on e-liquid each month and allow you to tweak things like nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio according to your precise preferences.

Resolution #3: Only Buying Premium E-Liquids

If you’re not ready to commit to DIY vape juice, maybe you can make this the year of only buying high-quality e-liquids. We know the e-liquid market is quite flooded, with different vape juices varying in terms of quality. If you commit to only premium e-liquids, you’ll be putting more quality ingredients into your body on a daily basis.

Resolution #4: Decreasing Your Nicotine Intake

If you feel like you want to bring down your nicotine intake, making it a new year’s resolution is a good way to make sure you stick to your goal. We do recommend decreasing it gradually, however, as this method seems to deliver the best results.

Resolution #5: Supporting Local Businesses More

Local vape shops need the support of the surrounding area in order to stay in business. So, you could make this the year that you spend more time shopping at local vendors.

Resolution #6: Taking Better Care of Your Equipment

A lot of us tend to neglect our vape equipment, which means that little by little, it wears down and fails to deliver the experience that we want. This year, you can commit to properly maintaining your device and accessories so that they last longer and continue to satisfy you long after you purchase them.

Resolution #7: Trying Out a New Vaping Style

Do you want to switch things up this year? If so, your resolution could be trying a new style of vaping. For instance, if you’ve been a sub-ohm vaper for years but feel like you desire more nicotine, you could invest in a pod system once and for all. Or, if you’ve been using e-cigarettes, this could be the year that you invest in a more powerful, reliable and customizable setup. It’s possible that a new vaping style is better suited for your preferences, and will satiate your cravings much more effectively as a result.

Gotta Start Somewhere

If you want the next year to be better than the last, making a vaping resolution is a great place to start. Any of these resolutions can improve your daily life by altering a hobby that you devote a lot of time, money and effort to. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can adopt multiple resolutions for the new year.

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