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New Vapers: Choosing The Right Starter Kit at The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Kanger Evod Mega Kit

When you’re new to vaping, it can be pretty daunting to open up a website just to see hundreds if not thousands of options pop up. You may not even know what a quarter of the technical terms presented to you mean, even if you‘ve some limited prior knowledge through disposable use. Fortunately, here at  The Vape Mall, we’ve a nice variety of starter kits designed to fit your individual vaping needs and practical concerns.

The first thing you must consider when looking at starter kits is what your goal is after your purchase. Do you want to test a wide range of  e-liquid flavors, or perhaps stick to one flavor for longer periods of time? Do you want a long-lasting battery so you can bring your vape out with you all day, or do you want a more powerful, shorter lifespan battery for better pulling power? Depending on your answer, a different starter kit from us can give you the perfect setup to get you started.

Regarding the first, previously stated question of  tank size, there are many options you could try. The EVOD Blister Starter Kit holds up to 1.8 mL of e-liquid, a fairly small tank for a starter kit. The Kanger Evod Mega Kit has an even larger 2.5 mL capacity tank, but the Kanger Topbox Nano Kit has an astounding 3.2 mL tank capacity for those who want to stay with one flavor for a long time.

Battery life and power are also critical to look for in your starter kit. The Kanger EVOD Mega Starter Kit boasts a behemoth of battery, coming in at 1900 mAh with built-in charging circuitry. The EVOD Blister kit offers a surprisingly large 1100 mAh battery for such a small kit.

Portability of your kit definitely fits in as one of the factors affecting your starter kit choice. Certain kits will be small pens meant for easy transport and simple vaping, while others will be more flashy and powerful for huge clouds and lots of vapor.

Probably the most important point of consideration is pricing. For those on a budget, the EVOD Blister Starter Kit is offered at an astoundingly low price. The EVOD Mega kit is slightly more expensive, and the Kanger Topbox tops the list in pricing. Durability and power scale with increasing price to some extent, but cheaper starter kits are always on option for quick and easy vaping.

There are always an astounding number of options and choices available - not to mention the vape industry is constantly innovating with new technology. We’ve boiled down the process by presenting some all-inclusive starter kits that will ensure your new vaping experience is as amazing as it can be.

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