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Keep Those Extra Coils and Wicks When Needed Here in 2022

Posted by David on

If you're a regular vaper, it's wise to stock up on coils and wicks. Afterall, you never know when you're going to burn through a coil. As you may know, it's not unusual for the odd coil to burn out prematurely. By having spare coils and wicks available, you won't have to end your vaping session just because of a dead coil.

Why You Should Always Have Extra Coils and Wicks

Well, besides the fact that it might be harder down the road to find what you’re looking for, either due to high demand, shipping delays, or rising costs, here are some other key reasons to have some spares of each.

Reason #1: You are a Heavy Vaper

If you vape a lot, you should definitely keep some spare coils and wicks around. It goes without saying that the more you vape, the more coils you'll be going through. If you're the kind of person who goes through one coil each week, purchase your coils in packs of five so that you'll never be without a replacement.

Reason #2: You Vape at High Output Levels

If you vape at a high wattage level, you're going to want to have some extra coils. While there are many coil builds that are suitable for high output levels, there is still a higher chance that you'll burn through coils more quickly.

Reason #3: You Rushed Through the Priming Process

All of us are guilty of neglecting to prime our coils properly from time to time. If we're in a hurry or we're not at home, we tend to rush through the priming process in order to resume vaping as soon as possible. However, we all know that an improperly primed coil can die prematurely. In fact, a coil that wasn't properly primed may die out within the same day that it was installed.

Reason #4: You Bought a Dud

No matter how careful we are to protect and maintain our precious coils, we all purchase a dud once in a while. Having spare coils and wicks ensures that a defective coil won't ruin your vaping experience.

Reason #5: You Will be Chain-Vaping

We all chain-vape from time to time. Whether we're having a particularly stressful day, we're hanging out with other vape enthusiasts or we've had a few drinks, the temptation to hit that vape non-stop is strong. If you're someone who finds themselves chain-vaping fairly frequently, it's wise to always carry around spare coils and wicks. Chain-vaping keeps your coils at consistently high temperatures, causing them to burn out more quickly.

Bottom Line: Keeping Some Spare Coils and Wicks Around is Crucial

No matter the vaping system for the most part, by having some extras on hand, you'll never have to worry about ending your vaping session prematurely due to a burnt out or ineffective coil. Fortunately, most brands sell coils in bulk, meaning that you can save money while stocking up.

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