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How to Spot Fake or Low-Quality CBD Herbal Shisha

Posted by David on

CBD herbal shisha is a pretty new product to the hemp market, and it’s a very special product that offers something you can’t get from anything else on the market: the ability to smoke CBD through a hookah. Shisha is hookah tobacco, and it has a specific consistency that makes it smokable through a hookah, for a totally relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day. CBD herbal shisha is generally tobacco and nicotine-free, and is full-spectrum, meaning you’re getting every cannabinoid and terpene that’s present in hemp.

Of course, like all hemp products, there’s high-quality and low-quality CBD shisha, and unfortunately, some of it is even fake.

What’s Fake or Low-Quality CBD Herbal Shisha?

First off, let’s talk about what determines fake or low-quality CBD herbal shisha. The highest-quality CBD herbal shisha should consist of raw hemp flower that’s been concentrated without any residual solvents, and clean ingredients. It should be third-party-tested, as to prove that it contains not only real hemp material, but enough pure hemp to be effective. Now, with that being said, let’s elaborate on the things to pay attention to when you are shopping for this product, whether it’s in person or online.

What to Look for to Be Sure You’re Buying Only Legit, Premium CBD Herbal Shisha

Whenever you are considering buying some CBD shisha, keep the list below as a mental checklist to make sure that the product is legit, high in quality, and safe.

#1: Third-Party Lab Reports

First off, never buy any hemp product before you look at the third-party lab reports that are available on the company website. These lab reports hold critical keys of information into the quality of what you’re buying, as they come from an objective and unbiased third-party testing facility. They will offer plenty of info about what’s inside of the product in terms of the breakdown of chemical compounds and the potency of the pure hemp, along with whether or not there are any toxins or impurities.

#2: A Thorough List of Ingredients

Always read through the list of ingredients to make sure you know precisely what you’re putting into your body. Make sure there aren’t any questionable additives, and obviously, make sure that hemp is at the top of the list, to be sure that the product is authentically a CBD shisha product, and that it’s the dominant ingredient in the product so that it’s effective.

#3: High-Quality Flavoring

A lot of shisha products contain artificial flavoring. And, there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as the flavoring itself is high in quality. Of course, natural flavoring is ideal, but it can also expire sooner, hence why a lot of companies ditch it entirely, and stick to artificial flavoring that’s made with safe ingredients. Check to see what flavoring agents are used in a CBD herbal shisha, though, because there are a lot of questionable ways to flavor a product that you’d want to avoid.

#4: Information on the Brand’s Website

It’s important to buy from a company that values transparency, in that they offer a lot of information about how their products, including their shisha, is made. Look on their website for insight that relates to the product’s production process, like how they source their hemp, whether or not it’s organically grown, how they concentrate it, and so on. The more information they provide, the more you can trust them.

#5: Clear Labeling

At the same time, you want to pay attention to the label, as most reputable companies will make a point to provide specific, important information on the label, including the list of ingredients, the milligram strength, directions for use, and what kinds of effects their product can provide. Avoid companies that put next to no info on their labels, and also avoid products with labels that are full of spelling/grammatical errors.

#6: Customer Service

Always make sure that the company has contact info available so that you can reach out to them if you’re not happy with the product. Some companies will not disclose their customer service information, and that’s a red flag, telling you that they don’t want you to be able to track them down should you have a fake or low-quality shisha product on your hands.

#7: The Right Aroma/Flavor/Texture

If you actually have some CBD shisha in your possession already, the smell, taste, and texture can give a lot away. It should smell and taste like hemp, but with a sweetness to it from the use of molasses, honey, and other sweeteners that are supposed to be added in. It should also have a somewhat sticky texture to it, but hold its shape.

#8: A Trustworthy Retailer

Finally, the best way to avoid low-quality or fake CBD herbal shisha is to stick to a retailer that you trust – preferably online, where quality standards are higher due to more visibility. Buying from a hemp distributor that already has a standout reputation for selling top-tier products means that it’s unlikely they’d be carrying subpar shisha in their inventory.

Give Just CBD Herbal Shisha a Try!

Just CBD Herbal Shisha offers up the ultimate tobacco-free hookah-friendly CBD shisha, with third-party lab reports to confirm the quality and purity. And, because we carry it at The Vape Mall, you already know that it’s a product you can trust, as we’ve proudly maintained a reputation for offering only the most exceptional hemp products on the market today.

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