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How to Identify if an E-Juice was Steeped BEFORE Vaping It?

Posted by David on

Considering the amount of effort that most vapers put into choosing the best flavor, VG/PG ratio, and nicotine strength for their e-juices, it’s time to discuss steeping. Steeping is a practice that brings the most desirable qualities out of a vape juice, such as richness and complexity of flavor, and even the quality of the nicotine impact and the smoothness of the inhale.

By and large, most companies pre-steep their e-liquids so that by the time they get into the hands of customers, they are matured like a fine wine or an aged cigar. But, not all companies do, and fortunately, there are some relatively simple ways to determine whether or not you are about to buy a vape juice that has been steeped already.

What Does Steeping Mean, and Why Does It Matter?

Steeping is the process of concentrating the desirable molecules in an e-liquid by exposing them to factors that introduce a controlled flow of oxidization into the formula over time. Steeping brings out richer flavor and often a bolder hit of nicotine, by essentially evaporating certain molecule in order to maximize the impact of its traits. This process is not that different from aging a wine or a cigar, which as we know can yield a far more satisfying quality that mainly pertains to taste.

E-liquids should be steeped prior to vaping them, because again, this just yields a more satisfying experience. The process of steeping can vary, but the end goal is the same.

Do All Vape Juice Companies Pre-Steep Their E-Juices?

Not all companies pre-steep their e-liquids before shipping them to businesses or customers. The process of steeping requires an extra step in the manufacturing process which some companies simply don’t have the resources or the interest for. Ultimately, a company that does not steep their e-liquids may be a company that simply cannot or does not want to go the extra mile for their customers, as pre-steeping is a sign of a company that prides themselves on their flavors and wants customers to experience them as vividly as possible.

Signs That Your E-Juice Was Properly Steeped, BEFORE Buying/Vaping It

There are some telltale signs that indicate whether or not a vape juice has been properly steeped before you actually purchase it, fortunately, and while an unsteeped vape juice isn’t bad, per se, it may mean that you’re going to need to steep it yourself to really experience the full flavor and nicotine potential that it has, by storing it in a dark, dry and cool environment for 2 weeks.

#1: Color

Color is one indicator, and this can be a tricky one. In general, steeping makes vape juices darker in color. But, e-liquids come in different color shades to begin with, so it can be hard to know whether the color represents steeping, or simply the ingredients that it contains. Generally, steeping yields a richer brown color, so this is something to look for. If the vape juice appears to be almost clear, then there’s a good chance it hasn’t been steeped.

One exception is fruit e-juices which are almost always clear in color. Even a fruity vape juice that’s fully steeped may have little to no color.

#2: Smell

If you’re able to smell a vape juice before buying it, this can help. A rich and complex aroma usually indicates that the vape juice has been steeped, and a smell that is waterier or faint is a good sign of an unsteeped e-liquid.

#3: Consistency

Steeping thickens the consistency of the vape juice. A watery e-liquid likely hasn’t been steeped. Take into account the VG/PG ratio that you’ve selected, as high VG e-liquids will be thicker than those with higher levels of PG.

#4: The Company’s Policies

Of course, you can also check to see if a company states that they steep their vape juice before it’s sold, and it’s even more helpful to know how they steeped it as this gives you more insight into whether or not the process was done right. If the information is nowhere to be found, you can contact the company and ask them.

Enjoy Vape Juices Steeped to Perfection at The Vape Mall

Ultimately, steeping ensures a more pleasurable vape. This is why you should seek out e-liquids from companies that do pre-steep all of their products. At The Vape Mall, we pre-steep all of our vape juices to perfection so that you can savor them to their maximum potential.

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