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How to Fix a Jammed or Clogged CBD Vape Cartridge

Posted by David on

It goes without saying that when we purchase a vape cartridge containing CBD e-liquid or one that can be filled up with CBD e-juice, we want to thoroughly enjoy each and every drop before the cartridge runs out. But, sometimes, vape issues can get in the way of our ability to savor that tasty hemp-infused vapor. The most common issue that hemp vapers can run into is a clogged or jammed cartridge.

Have you ever gone to hit your cart, only to find that you’re just not getting any airflow whatsoever? If so, you will want to continue reading on.

What is a CBD Vape Cartridge, and What Does It Consist of?

To understand why a cartridge can get jammed, we need to understand what a vape cartridge is in terms of its components. All 510-threaded vape cartridges are essentially the same, being small glass or plastic cartridges with a connection at the bottom that attaches to the battery, and a mouthpiece at the top. Within the cartridge is CBD e-liquid, with a coil at the base that uses the battery’s power to heat up the e-juice to turn it into vapor.

Why Do CBD Cartridges Get Clogged or Jammed?

Mainly, it has to do with the CBD e-juice itself. CBD e-liquids, as you know, come in a wide variety of milligram strengths. This reflects the number of milligrams of pure hemp extract in the liquid. Hemp extract in its pure form is a thick oil. Therefore, the more potent the cartridge, the thicker the consistency of the overall vape juice.

When the oil gets pulled through the narrow mouthpiece, it can end up clogging it. This is because the thickness can actually jam up the mouthpiece, or small amounts of residue over the course of many vaping sessions can eventually accumulate, causing a layer of gunk to develop within the mouthpiece.

Best Methods for Unclogging or Unjamming a CBD Vape Cartridge

Before you simply decide to throw the cartridge away, as that can be money wasted, here are a few best methods, according to CBD vapers.

Method #1: Apply Heat

The first thing that you can try is applying heat to the cartridge. As mentioned, CBD extract in the e-liquid is very thick and can cause clogs as a result. Heat simply thins out the liquid, like when you put honey in the microwave. Therefore, a little bit of heat could thin out the liquid stuck in the mouthpiece so that it runs back down into the cartridge.

There are two primary ways to accomplish this:

  • Hold a hairdryer about a foot away from the cartridge and turn the power on, for about 30 seconds.
  • Simply place the cartridge in a warm spot of the home, such as near a radiator.

Keep in mind you do not want the e-juice to get hot – just warm. If it heats too much, the chemical compounds in the e-liquid, such as CBD, will end up degrading and becoming less than adequately potent to deliver results.

Method #2: Use a Toothpick or Safety Pin

Sometimes, you can simply jam a toothpick or safety pin through the small holes of the mouthpiece to dislodge whatever is clogging it up. This is especially useful if the clog is hard, due to crystallization of the e-liquid or burnt debris that takes on a resinous consistency. Just be careful not to push the object so far into the cartridge that you end up puncturing the wick of the coil, as this can cause the coil to no longer work.

Method #3: Take Hits Without Firing the Device

Simply pulling on the mouthpiece could work well enough to loosen up less stubborn clogs and jams, so that air can flow freely through the device once again.

Preventing Clogs and Jams from Happening in the First Place

Now that you know how to fix a clog, let’s move onto preventing a clog from occurring in the first place.

  • Never leave a cartridge in a cold area. Cold can cause the liquid to crystallize, or at least become so thick that a clog is almost inevitable.
  • Always be mindful of the quality of your CBD e-liquid cartridges. Low-quality options may simply be more prone to clogging due to poor use of materials, inadequate airflow, too narrow of a mouthpiece channel or even low-quality ingredients in the vape juice that are prone to clogging, such as sugary ingredients.

Dealing With Condensation and Flooding

Your vape pen needs proper airflow and a dry chamber to work. Knowing how to care for your vape cart will extend its use in just a few simple steps.

Condensation Buildup

Extreme temperatures can lead to crystallization and condensation buildup, causing annoying blockages. Condensation buildup doesn't affect your vape instantly, as it clogs over time. Some of the ways to prevent the airflow holes from getting clogged include:

  • Take quick blasts: You want to take quick, short blasts instead of long ones to prevent vape clogging. This is because the excess vapor from your mouth could cause additional condensation through the mouthpiece.
  • Clear the mouthpiece: Before you light the vape, take a few quick, dry pulls to ensure the mouthpiece is clear of vapor and residue buildup. It's also worth cleaning the mouthpiece regularly to prevent residue from blocking the airflow.

Chamber Flooding

Chamber flooding happens when you don't use your vape for a while, leading to the distillate thickening and saturating the wick. There are a couple of other reasons you could be dealing with flooding.

  • Incorrect storage: Store the vape in an upright position when not in use. If not, fluids may leak into the vape's components. It's also important that you store a primed cart in a cool, dark place for no longer than a week.
  • Long, hard pulls: This can put the vape's components under pressure and prevent the coil from vaporizing the contents fast enough, leading to a flooded chamber.

Yes, Sometimes CBD E-Liquid Cartridges Clog or Jam

Good news is that in almost every case, these clogs are easy to remedy with one of the solutions mentioned above. Ultimately, if you find clogs are ruining your vaping sessions, follow the prevention tips provided so that you will not have to worry about this issue happening in the future. 

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