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How Many Times Should You Light Herbs in Your Pipe Per Session?

Posted by David on

There’s nothing like putting your herbs into your favorite pipe and preparing for a nice and relaxing smoke. We all have different goals and preferences when it comes to how we experience our herb in a pipe. We all have specific types of pipes that we gravitate to, unique strains and our own individual desires relating to how much we wish to take in at any given time.

What Determines This?

Some people who are new to herbal smoking ask us how many times they should light their herb per session. The answer is that it depends.

#1: Your Tolerance

How many times you light your herb has a lot to do with how strong you want the experience to be. If you’re totally new to the game, one time may be enough. This lets you get a feel for things gradually rather than taking in too much at one time. Those with higher tolerances, who have been using herb for a long time, may need to light their herb several times before they’re satisfied.

#2: Your Goals

Of course, a lot of it comes down to personal preference pertaining to your ultimate goals. Are you looking for a quick fix? Or, are you ready to get deep into an herbal experience? How many times you light your herb determines how potent the experience will be, so consider that before lighting up one more time. Also, remember that it depends on your current circumstances. Lighting a pipe before work may require that you keep things mild, as opposed to smoking in the evening before going to bed.

#3: The Pipe Itself

Some pipes are smaller than others, for instance, and therefore, this determines how often you need to light. There are even one-hitter pipes that produce a lot of smoke from just one hit, meaning you only need to light your herb once. Consider the pipe that you’re using when deciding how many times your herb should be lit.

#4: Which Strain is being Used

Unique strains produce different effects, and some are far more potent than others. Some strains hit you extremely hard, while others simply produce a gentle feeling of calm or euphoria. The strain you choose has a lot to do with how much herb you should have in one session. If you’re trying out a new strain, you might want to hit it once and wait a while. Some take longer to come on than others, so it’s wise to start at a slow pace.

#5: Various Biological Factors

Sometimes, seemingly bizarre biological factors play a role in how much you should light your herb. For instance, there’s reason to believe that how much you ate in the last couple of hours plays a role in how strongly the herb will feel. Even more interestingly, research shows that women’s tolerances may change depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle.

#6: Your Lung Capacity

How much smoke you can fit into your lungs at once has a lot to do with how often you should light your herb. If you can fit a whole lot of smoke in per hit, then you’ll end up lighting the herb less frequently, because each time you light it, you get a bigger hit.

#7: How Long You Light It For

Finally, how long you light the herb may play a role in how often you need to light it. Lighting it for longer can produce bigger hits, and the herb may actually stay lit when it’s time to go in for a second pull.

Now You Have a Better Idea When

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding how many times you should light your herb. Consider all of the factors above and do some trial and error to see what works for you.

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