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Herbal Vapers Rejoice - WAX-T Glass Globe Dry Herb and Wax Clearomizer

Posted by David on

Wax T Globe

The Wax-T Glass Globe Clearomizer’s main purpose is for thick oil wax and tobacco/dryherbs. Because it’s made of Pyrex glass, it is very durable. It’s sealed by O-rings to prevent burning smells or possible leakage. Also, the fact that it’s clear is a huge plus because you can view the incredible process. All three of these factors alone can help boost your overall vaping experience.

The heating cup is made from stainless steel and wraps around the coiled heating element. The coils can be replaced, so there’s no need to go purchase an entirely new unit. Simply get a new coil head and swap it out. This makes it a great vaping investment. As for the drip tip, its purpose serves to prevent ash and other burnt matter from passing through.

As you can see, the Wax-T Glass Globe Clearomizer is a great choice for wax and dry herb vaping. It’s easy to refill, has a great taste, it’s beautiful and durable, and it can produce huge clouds of vapor. Plus, because it’s an affordable clearomizer for heavy wax and thick oils, it’s simply a must-have from The Vape Mall.

WAX-T Specifications:

  • Materials: Pyrex, ABS, glass, rubber
  • Drip Tip Colors: Green and Black
  • Match 510 and EGO threading
  • Battery Compatibility: Ego and 510 threaded batteries
  • Package Includes: Glass Globe and 2 Extra Coils
  • *Tip/mouthpiece may vary in color
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