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Getting to Better Know the EVOD 1000MAH MANUAL BATTERY

Posted by David on

The EVOD 1000mAh Manual Battery refers to a type of battery commonly used in electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or vaporizers. The EVOD 1000mAh Manual Battery would typically have a 510 and eGo thread, allowing it to be compatible with a wide range of clearomizers and tanks.

Here are some characteristics and details about it:

  • EVOD: This is the style or design name of the battery. EVOD e-cigarettes are popular for their simplistic and sleek design. They typically come with a bottom coil clearomizer, which is a type of atomizer that holds the e-liquid and heats it to produce vapor.
  • 1000mAh: This indicates the battery capacity. "mAh" stands for milliampere-hours, which is a measure of the energy storage capacity of the battery. A 1000mAh battery means it can theoretically supply a current of 1000mA for one hour before it runs out. In practical terms, a higher ‘mAh’ indicates that the battery will last longer between charges, but the actual runtime can vary based on how frequently the device is used and at what power setting.
  • Manual Battery: This means the battery is activated by a button that the user presses while inhaling. When you press this button, the battery provides power to the atomizer or coil, heating it up and turning the e-liquid into vapor. This is in contrast to automatic batteries which activate when the user takes a draw without the need for pressing any buttons.
  • Safety Features: Many EVOD manual batteries come with built-in safety features that protect you and your device from potential harm:
  • -5-Click Protection: Many EVOD batteries come with a safety feature known as "5-click protection". This means you can press the button 5 times in quick succession to turn the battery on or off. When it's off, pressing the button won't activate the atomizer. This feature helps prevent accidental activation, for instance, if the device is in your pocket.
  • -Over-Discharge Protection: Some EVOD batteries come equipped with over-discharge protection. This means that the battery will shut off before it's fully depleted to protect its lifespan.
  • -Short-Circuit Protection: If there's a short in the atomizer or tank, the battery may recognize this and prevent power from being sent, protecting both the battery and the user.
  • Compatibility: EVOD batteries usually have a 510 and eGo threading, making them compatible with a wide variety of tanks and atomizers.
  • Connection to Atomizer: The top of the EVOD battery has threading that allows you to screw on a compatible tank or clearomizer. Inside this threaded area, there's a center pin that makes an electrical connection with the atomizer.
  • LED Indicator: Many manual batteries come equipped with an LED indicator that lights up when the button is pressed. This LED might also flash or change colors to indicate the battery's charge level or if there's a connection issue.
  • Charging: When the battery is depleted, you'll need to charge it. Typically, you'd recharge an EVOD 1000mAh battery using a USB charger specifically designed for eGo batteries. The connection is usually at the top of the battery. You'd screw this into a compatible charger (usually a USB Twist Charger). While charging, an LED light on the charger may indicate the charging status, turning green when fully charged.

Note: If you're using an EVOD battery, or any vaping device, always read the user manual that comes with the product for specifics. Additionally, always use the device safely, ensuring you're using compatible components and charging safely with the correct charger.

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