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Do High Nicotine Concentrations Actually Affect an E-Juice’s Flavor?

Posted by David on

Any vaper who cares about how their e-liquid tastes will put a lot of effort into picking out the precise flavor profile of an e-juice that will most satisfy their taste buds. But vapers may be surprised to learn that there are more factors than the actual flavoring ingredients that can play a role in how a vape juice tastes.

For instance, the VG/PG ratio of a vape juice can determine how strong the flavor of your product is, with higher VG vapes seeming to offer a stronger flavor experience due to being a denser ingredient than PG. And, of course, the quality of the liquid, as well as its age, will have a lot to do with whether or not you get a rich, bold, and clean taste each time you hit your device.

Most vapers have a preferred nicotine strength that they stick to, because many of them continue their hobby because of its ability to deliver a satisfying dose of nicotine into the body. But, as it turns out, the nic level at which you vape can actually affect your flavor more than you realize.

Why Can Higher Nicotine Strengths Provide a Stronger Flavor?

It seems to be an established fact that the higher the number of milligrams of nicotine are in your e-liquid, the bolder your liquid’s flavor will taste. This likely has to do with the relationship between nicotine molecules and flavoring molecules. It seems that they bind together in an e-juice formula so that the nicotine carries the flavor more efficiently. This can make your palate perceive a stronger taste when you inhale.

Another factor is that higher nicotine levels give you a stronger throat hit, and that throat hit means that the e-liquid impacts the senses more potently. Therefore, that throat hit may be accompanied with a stronger blast of delicious flavor.

Of course, another determination is the output of your device, which is settled by the strength of the flavor you want to experience and the strength of the nicotine in your e-liquid. Usually, higher strengths of nicotine are more suitable for lower-wattage devices, although higher wattages give you a stronger flavor. What this means is that if you have a high nic strength, you’re likely not going to vape it at the highest output setting, as this could give you a very harsh sensation along the throat. But, if you were to vape that high nic strength at a high output level, you could very well find that the flavor is actually extremely bold and powerful.

When Nicotine Takes Away from the Flavor of Your Vapes

It is extremely important that you choose only premium e-liquids made with high-quality, lab-tested ingredients. That’s because low-quality ingredients can interfere with the flavor of your e-liquid, nicotine included. The nicotine that is added to e-juices is an extract of the nicotine molecule in the tobacco plant. Ideally, this nicotine extract is 100% pure, containing no other compounds in the tobacco plant. But, lower-quality nicotine extract may have trace amounts of other tobacco compounds, which could have a unique taste that interferes with the flavor profile of your vape juice.

Higher Nic Strength = Stronger Flavor

If you want your e-liquid to taste as strong as possible, consider increasing your nicotine strength, if your tolerance allows for it. There is enough reason to believe that higher nicotine levels promote a bolder and richer flavor by carrying the flavor molecules in a unique way to the palate. 

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