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Could You Vape/Smoke Dry Herb and Take CBD within the Same Day?

Posted by David on

Many of us hemp enthusiasts also enjoy some dry herb, whether it be occasionally or as part of a routine. Of course, these two types of members of the same genus share a lot in common, and so naturally, many people wonder if it’s okay to combine the two. Considering the fact that they can both provide unique effects; it makes sense that people are cautious about using both together.

Differences Between Dry Herb and CBD

Before we discuss what happens when you combine the two, let’s first talk about how they differ from each other, so that you can understand exactly what’s happening in your body when both are in your system. As you know, both dry herb and CBD are derived from the cannabis genus, but they are two different plants with two unique chemical compositions. However, they share many of the same compounds in common.

The main difference, as you probably know, is the THC content. Hemp products have a low amount of THC – no more than 0.3 percent that naturally occurs – meaning that hemp-based CBD goods cannot get you high. Dry herb can have upwards from 15 percent THC, which is why it will get you high.

Meanwhile, hemp products have a much higher amount of CBD than dry herb does, and CBD is known as a calming compound. CBD and THC are cannabinoids, which are a class of compounds that support the body’s endocannabinoid system, which uses various cannabinoids to produce regulatory effects throughout the body. Each of the two plants has its own organization of these cannabinoids, which is why they can affect you in different ways.

Then there are terpenes and flavonoids, two other classes of compounds which can exist in different compositions depending on the strains from which both the CBD and the dry herb are derived.

Is it Okay to Take Both in the Same Day?

So, can you take CBD on the same day that you smoked or vaped some dry herb? In short, yes. There is no known negative interaction between the two, and we can’t think of a reason why there would be in the first place. Both of these substances are nontoxic to the body, and so a toxic reaction will not occur by combining them together. At the end of the day, you’re just taking two different versions of the same plant genus.

Many people take dry herb and CBD for the same reasons – maybe because they’re trying to unwind, or they’re just looking for some general wellness. Therefore, a lot of people take both of these products within a day’s period without any issues.

Can Both Be Taken at the Same Time?

Now, what about using both together? Well, again, this is something that lots of people do.Because there is no known negative interaction, there’s really no reason why you can’t have the two at the same time.

In fact, many people prefer combining these two products together. Why? Because some unique effects can occur by taking in the specific blend of chemical compounds of each plant at once. For instance, the presence of a high CBD level may be able to counteract some of the effects of THC that can be more unpleasant for some, as THC can make some people feel uneasy in high doses. In other words, some people use CBD to “take the edge off” the THC in their dry herb.

Just be mindful that how you feel when combining both largely comes down to the strain of each, as well as how much of each product you consume.

Overall, There’s No Known Harm that Comes with Combining CBD and Dry Herb

Whether they are taken together at the same time or taken at different points during the day. Of course, everyone’s body reacts differently to cannabinoids, but there are no known instances of serious side effects associated with taking the two together. In fact, many dry herb users find that adding CBD to their routine improves their overall experience.

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