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Can You Add Traditional DIY Flavoring to a CBD E-Liquid?

Posted by David on

More CBD enthusiasts are choosing vaping as their delivery method of choice, after discovering that it offers fast-acting and particularly potent effects while being extremely convenient and travel-friendly. Today’s hemp market offers a rich array of CBD vape juice products that come in bottles of various sizes, boasting different strengths and strains so that even the most precise CBD-related needs can be met.

But, once in a while, a CBD vaper decides that their existing hemp e-liquid still isn’t satisfying enough for their specific tastes, especially when it comes to flavor. The question is, can you add traditional DIY flavoring products to a cannabidiol-infused e-liquid, and if so, what’s the right process for doing so?

What is DIY Flavoring?

DIY flavoring is a term for a flavoring product that is used when crafting DIY e-liquids or making e-liquids from scratch. The flavoring almost always comes in the form of an extract, which is a thick and concentrated flavor agent that is so potent, only a small amount of product is needed to produce a strong and satisfying taste. DIY flavoring typically comes in some type of small bottle that allows you to precisely pour out one drop at a time.

What is CBD E-Liquid?

CBD e-liquid is not that different from traditional e-liquid, only instead of nicotine as its active ingredient, it’s hemp extract. CBD e-liquids come in various formulas, strengths and consistencies, and some are already flavored while others contain no flavoring ingredients whatsoever.

Why a Person Would Want to Add Flavoring to a CBD E-Liquid

So, what’s the reasoning behind adding flavoring to an existing CBD e-liquid?

Well, some vapers have more finicky palates than others. Any e-liquid that contains terpenes, which are natural compounds in hemp that determine the flavor of the plant material, will have an existing flavor profile that tastes just like fresh cannabis. Some people love this natural flavor, while others wish to taste something else while they pull in clouds of CBD vapor.

Adding Flavor to a CBD Vape Juice

So, can you add DIY flavoring to an existing CBD e-liquid?

Yes, you can. Note that this is only possible if you’re using a bottled vape juice that is manually poured into a tank or cartridge. Pre-filled cartridges and disposable devices are not meant to be opened and tampered with.

There’s really no reason why you can’t add DIY flavoring to an existing CBD vape juice, as it’s not all that different from standard e-liquids. It’s just a matter of doing it in the proper manner to preserve the ideal consistency and balance of ingredients of the e-juice formula.

How to Do it the Right Way

So, what’s the right way to add DIY flavoring to a CBD e-liquid?

  • 1.You’ll want to make sure that the flavoring ingredient selected is high in quality.
  • 2.Choose your DIY flavoring from a trusted source, because not all flavoring is created equally. At The Vape Mall, we offer a rich selection of DIY flavoring products which are all made with top-quality ingredients.
  • 3.Next, you’ll want to add the flavoring to your bottle of CBD e-liquid. With DIY flavoring, a little goes a long way, as these products are highly concentrated. This is why it’s best to start with just three or four drops per 30ml bottle.
  • 4.Once you pour in the proper amount of flavoring, give the bottle a good shake to make sure that the flavor is evenly distributed throughout the formula.
  • 5.From there, you can pour the e-liquid into your tank or cartridge and test the flavor to see if it’s satisfying. If not, you can add more flavoring.

Note: It’s better to add too little flavoring than too much. Going overboard can cause the taste of the vapor to be overwhelming in a way that stops you from enjoying your vaping experience. As a rule of thumb, an e-liquid formula should contain 10%-12% flavoring.

Adding Flavoring to Your CBD E-Juice is Easy and Effective

Whether it’s a traditional nicotine e-liquid or one that’s made with hemp extract, the key is choosing high-quality DIY flavoring products that offer a clean, rich, and fresh taste. At The Vape Mall, we have all of your flavoring needs covered with some of the best DIY flavoring on the market.

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