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A Vaping Refresher: Stopping Vape Spitback Issues with Box Mods and Pod Systems

Posted by David on

Oh, that dreaded spitback. So often, we will be enjoying a smooth, flavorful vape when all of a sudden, little droplets of e-liquid bounce out of our drip tip and land on our tongue. That experience can ruin our vaping session, and it often signals that something about our setup isn’t quite right.

Luckily for you, we’ve created a guide so that you can prevent that annoying experience from happening in the first place.

What Exactly is Spitback?

Spitback is when you pull on your mouthpiece and extremely hot, tiny droplets of e-liquid land on your tongue and mouth. It only occurs when you’re actively firing your device. Sometimes, spitback can be accompanied by a gurgling sound, a burnt flavor or a leaking tank/cartridge.

What Causes Spitback?

Spitback happens when your e-liquid makes contact with the coil. See, every coil contains a wick that’s made from absorbent material. The vape juice is supposed to be fed into this wick so that it can be turned to vapor. But, sometimes, that e-juice ends up on the hot wire of the coil rather than on the wick component.

Basically, spitback is boiled e-liquid. It boils when it makes contact with the incredibly hot coil. The wick is supposed to act as a buffer, preventing the e-juice from getting too hot. So, when the e-liquid boils, it splatters.

What’s happening to your e-liquid is the same thing that happens to sauce that’s left on high heat for a long period of time. After a while, little droplets splatter out of the pan and end up all over your counter, leaving a mess. And, like those droplets of sauce, those droplets of boiled liquid can actually burn your tongue.

How Can I Avoid Spitback

Fortuently, there are some easy ways to avoid spitback that don’t require much effort or technological knowledge.

Method #1: Choose Your Coils Wisely

Using the wrong coil resistance level can result in spitback simply because your wattage level is too high for your coil to handle. This will cause the coil to overheat, which increases the chances of your vape juice overheating as well. Always remember to use a coil that’s compatible with the wattage range that you enjoy while you vape. And, always use high-quality coils as cheaper materials are more likely to burn your vape juice.

Method #2: Change Your Coils Regularly

Sometimes, spitback happens because your coil is way past its prime. See, e-liquid is supposed to enter the wick rather than the coil. But, after a while of vaping, that wick becomes old and loses its ability to absorb e-liquid. So, the vape juice ends up getting onto the coil as the wick can no longer contain it.

Always replace your coils as soon as you feel that they’re ready to be switched out. Basically, once the flavor and vapor production become weak, it’s time to switch.

Method #3: Increase Your VG Level

A higher VG level can prevent spitback as more vegetable glycerin means thicker, more viscous vape juice. High PG e-liquids are thinner in consistency, making it more likely for that liquid to seep onto the coil. High VG vape juices, meanwhile, tend to stay in the wick rather than getting onto the hot wire.

Method #4: Prime Your Coils Properly

Priming your coils, the right way is very important if you wanna avoid spitback as well as other issues. Many people over-prime their coils in an effort to avoid dry hits. This means that they’re essentially drowning their wicks with e-liquid before they’ve even started using their new coils. This can result in a flooded coil. Once a coil is flooded, the wick will be useless, and the e-liquid will end up on the wire. So, don’t think that your coil needs to be drowning in vape juice in order to be properly primed.

Method #5: Increase Your Wattage Level

Another reason why coils get flooded is because you’re vaping at a wattage level that’s too low. If the vape juice isn’t getting hot enough, it’s going to just sit in your wick rather than getting turned into vapor. Increasing the wattage helps you burn through vape juice more quickly, preventing a flooded coil from occurring.

Method #6: Change the Way You Pull

Consider the way you pull on your device. If you’re pulling too hard, you’re drawing the e-liquid that’s in the wick onto the coil. This can produce spitback. Instead, take softer but longer pulls.

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