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A Topical CBD Question Full or Broad Spectrum?

Posted by David on

When shopping for CBD topicals, we’re primarily concerned with the milligram strength, type of formula and ingredients that we’ll be applying to our skin daily. But, there’s something else that you should be paying attention to while you check out the variety of topical hemp goods that are available today, and it’s the type of hemp extract that’s within the formula.

As you may or may not know, there are a couple of different kinds of hemp extracts. Most CBD topicals contain broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD. Now is a good time to say that the term “CBD” can be misleading – often, a product labeled as “CBD” contains other compounds that come from the hemp plant, rather than CBD all on its own.

So, which type of topical is better: one made with full spectrum CBD, or one made with broad spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD

First up, we have full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD refers to a hemp extract that contains every compound that naturally occurs in the hemp plant, as it exists in nature. Full spectrum CBD naturally contains the complete array of compounds that we consider to be highly desirable. Therefore, each dose gives you CBD as well as other cannabinoids, and terpenes and flavonoids. Each of these compounds boasts its unique variety of plant properties that can be quite useful to the body.

It’s important to point out that full spectrum CBD also contains THC. However, because hemp only contains 0.3 percent or less THC, it’s not enough to make the product illegal, nor is it nearly enough to get you high.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is quite similar to full spectrum CBD, except that it’s free of THC, and can contain fewer hemp compounds overall. Many people who choose broad spectrum CBD do so because they wish to avoid THC altogether, often for professional reasons.

CBD Topicals and How They Differ from Other Types of Delivery Methods

So, now let’s apply this information to topicals. In order to do so, we first must understand how topicals are different from other delivery methods that you may be more familiar with, such as tinctures, edibles and vape oils.

CBD topicals are unique in that they are not consumed internally. They are applied directly to the skin instead. CBD and other hemp compounds are very competent at absorbing deep beneath the surface of the skin and into the muscle and joint tissue quickly. And, applying topicals to the skin allows those compounds to reach a targeted area of the body in a concentrated amount, as opposed to being evenly dispersed throughout the body, as is the case with other methods. CBD topicals, therefore, don’t actually give your body a high dose of hemp.

The Entourage Effect, THC and What it Means for the Daily Hemp User

When it comes to the full spectrum vs. broad spectrum debate, there’s one major factor that we need to discuss, and it’s the entourage effect. See, the compounds in hemp seem to be highly synergistic, which means that when the whole variety of compounds is consumed at once, as nature intended, each compound boosts the properties of the other, which can result in a more potent and desirable experience overall.

In order to experience the entourage effect to its fullest potential, we need to use full spectrum hemp. This is because only full spectrum hemp allows you to receive the complete chemical composition of the plant from which the hemp extract was derived.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while THC is mostly known for its psychoactive powers, it actually offers other properties that can be very useful. Because you’re not consuming the topical internally, you’re not going to be consuming THC internally either. This is why we feel that full spectrum hemp is ideal when it comes to topicals.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that broad spectrum hemp topicals are going to be a disappointing experience. At the end of the day, CBD and other hemp compounds can provide an amazing experience, especially when used daily. Therefore, don’t feel that because you’re not using full spectrum hemp, that the topical isn’t going to do what you want.

Topical Spectrum Choice is Yours!

When it comes to CBD topicals, you have to make sure that you’re buying the product that is most likely going to satisfy your hemp-related needs. That’s why it’s important to consider the differences between broad and full spectrum hemp extracts before making your purchase. Use this guide to figure out the way in which these two types of products differ from each other to make the best possible decision.

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