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A Quick Guide to Using the Joyetech Teros Pod System

Posted by David on

Joyetech is known for their no-frills approach to making vaping systems, that allows users to enjoy only the most advanced technology, the most streamlined designs and the most reliable constructions possible. The Joyetech Teros Pod System is their most popular pod setup to date, boasting a number of exciting features that make it a must-have for lovers of salt-based nicotine. This kit features a powerful 480mAh battery, a 2ml juice capacity, a pocket-friendly, attractive design and the ability to change color depending on light and heat exposure. Simply put, it’s an exceptional system that vapers will love.

This guide will dive into how to use the Teros in order to enjoy it within minutes of opening the box. We’ll walk you through every step involved when setting it up, so your first hit is deeply satisfying.

Step #1:Remove the Teros pod mod, refillable cartridge and charging cable from the box. Leave the warning card, warranty card and quick start inside the box for a later time.

Step #2:Charge the device by plugging it into your charging device. When the LED light on the mod turns green, you’ll know that it’s reached a full charge and is ready to be used. Then, you can safely remove it from your charger and put it aside.

Step #3:While the unit is charging, you can prepare your pod cartridge by filling it with two milliliters of your favorite salt nic e-liquid. First, pour the liquid into the cartridge through the fill port. Then, allow it to sit for about five minutes. This will ensure that the coil inside the cartridge is perfectly primed so that it won’t burn out prematurely.

Final Step:Attach the pod cartridge to the mod by simply snapping it into place. From there, you can take your first hit by pulling on the mouthpiece, as the Teros does not utilize a firing button. Once the e-liquid runs out, simply refill the pod cartridge. And, when the LED light indicates that the battery is running low, it’s time to recharge it once again.

The Joyetech Teros Pod System is a highly advanced yet super user-friendly pod system that can satisfy every vaping need. This guide will ensure that you get the most satisfaction out of using it. Enjoy your new pod setup!

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