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A Quick Guide to Using the Arctic Dolphin Elux Starter Kit 1300mAh

Posted by David on

If you crave a high-performance vaping setup but hate those clunky, heavy box mod devices, you’re in for a treat. The Arctic Dolphin Elux Starter Kit 1300mAh is a stunningly compact and lightweight vaping system despite its amazing power and serious output. This kit is extremely portable, but it can give you those sublime clouds that you crave like nobody’s business.

Now, if you’ve just gotten your hands on the Elux, you’re probably eager to start using it so you can experience that superb flavor and smooth vapor. But, before you do, read this guide first. We’ve thoroughly tried out this amazing kit in order to provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Step #1: Remove the Arctic Dolphin Elux Starter Kit 1300mAh from its box. This includes the tank, coil, charging cable and mod. Leave the user manual in the box and place the box somewhere safe. You may want to refer to the user manual at a later time.

Step #2: Use the charging cable to charge the mod. An LED light indicator will let you know when the mod has reached a full charge.

Step #3: While your Elux Mod is still charging, prepare your tank. This tank can fit two milliliters of any freebase e-liquid. Select the juice that you wish to use and pour it into your tank. Then, locate the 0.2ohm coil that comes with this kit and prime it. Do this by pouring a couple of drops on vape juice onto each exposed cotton portion. Allow the coil to sit for 5 minutes before inserting it into the tank.

Step #4: Now that your tank is full, coil is primed and mod is fully charged, you may attach the tank to the mod by screwing it into place.

Step #5: Next, press the power button to turn on the device. Right away, you should see the display screen light up. Now, you can choose from one of the six voltage levels in order to select your preferred output level.

Final Step: Press the firing button to fire your first hit. Enjoy!

The Arctic Dolphin Elux Starter Kit 1300mAh is a seriously powerful and impressive vape kit that allows you to enjoy a satisfying vape in a totally convenient way. This portable system is easy to use and as reliable as they come. Get the most pleasure out of every single vape session today.

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