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A Look Back at the Top 7 Replacement Coils For Your Tank or Pod Cartridge of 2021

Posted by David on

When shopping for a new replacement tank or pod cartridge that’s compatible with your device 2022, coils are very important. Now, if your tank or pod already has a built in-coil, that’s fine for now. But what if that coil does start to go? Then, it’s time to start looking at getting a few replacements. No matter if you’re a sub-ohm vaper or a pod-based vaper, your tank or cartridge basically needs coils in order to handle the resistance of the device and make sure the e-liquid is heated properly. Not to mention, wicking new coils is just as important (mainly for standard and sub-ohm vape tanks) as this make sures the coil is primed and ready to be used.

Well, since it’s a new year, you want to be able to start the vaping year off right by choosing coils that meet those daily vaping needs.

Which Replacement Coils in General Should I Look at From Last Year to Try Here in 2022?

This ranking is based on user reviews, buying data, and the features of the coils themselves. Remember, whichever tank or cartridge you choose, we know that you’ll have the vaping experience that you so deserve with that said setup, as you kick off the new year vaping the way you want, on your terms.

#7: Horizon Cerakoat Clapton Coil

Horizon Cerakoat Replacement Coils are for the Horizon Cerakoat tank. Available in a pack of 5 0.3ohms Clapton X3 that can 30W-50W, these coils truly offer some amazing flexibility. Clapton wire also offers greater surface area resulting in increased vapor production. Not to mention, vapers will be able to get their sub-ohm on with total ease when using their device.

#6: Freemax Mesh Pro Replacement Coil

These coils are compatible with the following tanks: Fireluke, Mesh Pro, and Fireluke Pro. Capable of bringing some incredible dynamics in terms of taste and vapor production, these coils can also bring back your tank's performance to like-new status! Plus, with a nice variety of coil configurations- Singe 0.15ohms, Double 0.2ohms, Triple 0.15ohms, and Quad 0.15ohms, there is no need to worry about versatility or compatibility. These coils can handle anywhere between 60W-90W of power.

#5: UWell Crown 4 Coil

These replacement coils are meant to be used for the brand’s Crown 4 Tank. UWell’s patented self-cleaning technology gathers e-liquid in a condensation chamber near the bottom of the coil. From there, the coil vaporizes it. This permits for reduced regular cleaning of your Crown 4 Tank. Coils also have the brand’s patented Pro Flavor Core Optimization System (Pro-FOCS)- reprocesses the air through the coil twice during inhaling. That way, every draw is saturated with increased flavor production. Having a stainless-steel dual helix design improves the taste, vapor, and overall coil longevity. FeCrAl UN2 coils have a honeycombed mesh design that enables the coil to heat with balance just like that. UWell’s wicking material incorporates Organic Cotton Fiber. Finally, these attributes, fused with the Crown 4 series of coils’ airflow and self-cleaning abilities, offer them the capacity to broaden their lifespan.

#4: SMOK Nord Replacement Coil

One of two replacement pod coils on this list, SMOKtech’s Nord replacement coils are for the Nord Replacement Pods System. Available in a few coil options: Mesh 0.6ohm Coil can handle freebase and salt-based e-liquids while the DC 0.8ohm MTL /1.4ohm coils are meant to be used with JUST Salt Nic e-juices. Constructed from some remarkable build quality using top-of-the-line material allows vapers everywhere get the best of both worlds in terms of flavor and vapor production.

#3: UWell Valyrian II Coil

This pack of two replacement coils is for the UWell Valyrian 2 Tank. It utilizes a UN2 single mesh at a 0.32ohm resistance. Equipped with innovative performance atomizer technology, these coils integrate a threaded coil installation method and even contain organic cotton, which is considered in the vaping community to be a very efficient wicking medium. Also has a parallel structure that makes for some incredible airflow production coupled with large wicking ports. All of this permits for even quicker ramp-up times during every session. Talk about amazing optimal vaping performance right there.

#2: SMOK RPM Replacement Coil

The other replacement pod coils on this list, SMOKtech’s RPM Coil ONLY works with the brand’s RPM Pods (NOT compatible with the regular Nord, Nord 2 Standard, or RPM 2 pods). Available in two coil options: RPM Triple Coils: 0.6ohms resistance (Triple Standard Coil with Recommended Wattage: 25W) and RPM Mesh Coils: 0.4 ohm resistance (Single Mesh Coil with Recommended Wattage: 25W). Every replacement coil has two O-rings on the top and a single O-ring on the base for a rapid plug n’ play system. Now, you’re really guaranteed some incredible flavor production during each pod-based vaping session.

#1: SMOK TFV16 Coil

SMOKtech’s replacement coils are meant to be used for the brand’s TFV16 Tank. Available in a few coil options: Mesh 0.17ohms, Dual 0.12ohms, and Triple 0.15ohms. Its awesome honeycomb-structured mesh design is crafted from high-quality Nickel-Chrome and comprises of multiple structurally stable hexagons. This essentially allows the mesh wire heating elements to do their thing, which is heat the e-liquid at an evenly rapid pace. This is done by the coil’s small holes that gather more atomization while restoring the original flavor. Now you can see how vapers are able to get some awesome flavor and vapor production.

Grab Some Replacement Tank or Pod Cartridge Coils in 2022 at The Vape Mall Today!

As vape tanks and pod cartridges continue to entail more features, from airflow to capacity, you need to make sure to have extra coils on hand to handle those daily vaping needs. Especially, when it comes to enjoying those salt-based nicotine or even freebase e-juices without any issues whatsoever. So, if you want to get the most out of your tank or pods, we recommend spending some cash on replacement tank or pod coils. You’ll be glad you did.

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