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A Look Back at the Top 5 Pod Systems of 2021

Posted by David on

Hey vapers, 2022 here, and many of us are looking for some new and exciting ways to continue enjoying our favorite nic salts or even freebase e-liquids. One way to really get the most out of your sessions is by investing in a new pod system. Today’s pod systems come with more awesome features and functionalities that make vaping even more enjoyable. However, as we all know, this industry is jammed-packed with all kinds of pod mods, with some of them less capable of handling our needs than other. Hence, it can be difficult to choose one that is truly best suited for our unique preferences as vapers. Well, allow us to help by giving you a list of the best pod systems ranked in 2021 that you need to use this year, if you haven’t already done so.

Which Pod Systems Should I Look at From Last Year to Try Here in 2022?

This ranking is based on user reviews, buying data, and the features of the pod-based devices themselves. Remember, whichever unit you select, we know that you’ll have the vaping experience that you so deserve, as you kick off the new year in true vaping style.

#5: Boulder Rock Pod System

The Boulder Rock Pod System takes three things that all vapers look for: high-capacity 360mAh rechargeable battery, convenient USB charging, and a textured aluminum chassis. With enough battery life to last through the pods, the Boulder Rock can be used throughout the day. A standard USB charging connection can be found at the bottom, covered by a protective cap to prevent dust or particles from entering the nic salts reservoir. Also, the textured aluminum finish bestows the pod system with a better grip and touch to prevent pesky falls and drops while still keeping the device sleek, luxurious, and stylish.

#4: Suorin Drop Pod System

Suorin’s Drop Ultra-Portable System delivers an awesome all-in-one setup with a unique water-drop design. Besides its cool aesthetics, it has a built-in 310mAh rechargeable battery along with an intuitive LED light indicator for battery assessment. Plus, the brand’s proprietary Refillable Cartridge System which we will get into in just a second. The Drop utilizes a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism, so no need to push any buttons to fire this one up. Implements a two-piece structure, its 2mL replaceable cartridge can be conveniently refilled with The Vape Mall’s Nicotine Salts E-Liquids or Freebase E-Liquids.

#3: Joyetech Exceed Edge Pod Kit

Joyetech’s Exceed Edge Pod is simply the newer version of the original Exceed Edge kit. This device though has a better pocket-friendly size and ergonomically shaped design that’s inspired by the sports car. The Exceed Edge Pod comes with an integrated 650mAh battery and an attachable 2mL bottom-refill cartridge. With a built-in 1.2ohm innovative MTL coil, the Edge Pod is perfectly compatible with freebase and salt-based e-liquids. That means you get to experience some incredible and flavorful vapor production during each vaping session.

#2: Vaporesso Xros 2 Kit / Vaporesso Xros Mini Pod System Starter Kit

Vaporesso is a hardware manufacturer that always strives to create the next best vaping device. Well, this time, Vaporesso made some substantial upgrades to their Xros device and have even taken a simplistic design to the next level. The XROS 2 and XROS Mini feature a powerful battery that allows it to handle up to 16 watts, an adjustable airflow switch for precise airflow, dual activation mode, and a high-quality SSS leak-resistant magnetic pod! Speaking of the pod, you can use either a XROS Series 0.8ohm pod or a XROS Series 1.2ohm pod. This is also a nice travel-friendly unit thanks to its slim and compact construction. Also, filling is easy due to a convenient top-fill cap. With an impressive 1000mAh battery, not only will this device last, but it’ll allow for some strong and still flavorful vape sessions. Portability, convenience, and style- now what could be better than that?

#1: SMOK NOVO 3 Pod Starter Kit

It’s really no surprise that a SMOKtech draw-activated device would be ranked at the top spot here. The NOVO 3 has an integrated 800mAh battery that allows it to handle up to 25 watts, a 2mL pod capacity, and it can utilize an integrated 0.8ohm coil. Constructed from durable zinc-alloy, the ergonomic chassis of the NOVO 3 encases a significant 800mAh battery. Operating off a draw-activated firing system, this device is perfect for on-the-go-vapers. Relaying the remaining charge via LED Indicator Lights, this unit can be recharged from the bottom via USB Port and features pass through capabilities to allow use during charging. Plus, it has several key protections that allow you to vape safely when this pod system is in use.

Get the Most Out of Using a Pod System in 2022 Today!

With 2022 in full swing, begin it off right in true vaping style with a brand-new pod system that’s easy to use, comes with incredible enhancements, very reliable, and manufactured by a trusted company. Any of these awesome pod mods will take your vaping game to the next level. Not only that, but you will also get more familiarized with the latest in pod-based technology.

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