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A Look Back at the Best Replacement Pod Cartridges of 2021

Posted by David on

When shopping for a replacement pod cartridge that’s compatible with your pod system in 2022, there are a lot of other things besides compatibility to look at such filling, coils it uses, airflow, overall structure, how it handles salt nic and even freebase, etc. These factors can certainly impact how one cart can be better than another. Not only that, how efficient that said replacement pod is in terms of performance per vape session greatly matters. Since it’s a new year, you want to be able to get off on the right vaping track by selecting a replacement pod cartridge that meets those daily vaping needs.

Which Replacement Pod Cartridge Should I Look at From Last Year to Try Here in 2022?

This ranking is based on user reviews, buying data, and the features of the pod cartridge themselves. Remember, whichever setup you select, we know that you’ll have the vaping experience that you so deserve with that said cart, as you kick off the new year in true pod-based vaping style.

#5: Innokin Gala Replacement Pod

Innokin’s Gala Replacement Pod is meant to be used with their Gala Pod System for MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) vaping. This plastic food-grade pod has a juice capacity of 2mL and is refilled using its bottom fill system with a silicone stoppered. Replacement Pod also comes with either an integrated 0.5ohm mesh coil resistance (made for salt-based and freebase e-liquids) or a 0.8ohm ceramic coil resistance (strictly for salt-based e-liquids).

#4: SMOK Mico Replacement Pod

SMOK’s Mico Replacement pod is meant to be used with their Mico Pod System for MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) vaping. This well-built cartridge has a juice capacity of 1.7mL and cam be refilled using its bottom fill system with a silicone stoppered. Replacement Pod also comes with an integrated 0.8ohm mesh coil with a fast heating process to produce some amazing vapor production.


SMOK’s NFIX Pod is meant to be used with their NFIX Pod System for MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) vaping. This awesomely cartridge is very study thanks to its plastic food grade materials. Plus, the NFIX Pod has a magnetic connection that allows it to snap right in the pod system very securely. Has a refillable juice capacity of 3mL and can be refilled using its side-fill system with a silicone stoppered. Replacement Pod also comes with an integrated 0.8ohm DC MTL coil, as this resistance is known for having a quicker heating process in order to create that impressive vapor production.

#2: Vaporesso XROS Pods

Vaporesso’s Xros 2mL Pods are compatible with their Xros Kit and the Vaporesso Xros There is a hidden top fill system for easier refills. Speak of refilling, this tank is constructed with a viewable window to see how much e-juice is being poured in and how much is left as you vape the day away. Replacement Pods come with either an integrated 0.8ohm mesh coil or 1.2ohm mesh coil resistance. At the base is a magnetic pod connection, allowing quick and simple coil replacements while securing this cartridge into place.

#1: SMOK Nord 4 RPM Replacement Pod (Empty)

SMOK’s Nord 3 RPM Replacement pod is compatible with their awesome Nord 4 Pod System. Featuring a nice 4.5mL juice capacity, you should have enough to last throughout the vaping day. A side-fill plug system lets you refill either salt-based or freebase e-liquids with ease. Not only that, but its magnetic base connection keeps this pod in place when using your device. Finally, a broad airflow channel helps tremendously in terms of flavor and vapor production. This cartridge is compatible with the RPM coil series (sold separately).

Get Your Replacement Pods in 2022 at The Vape Mall Today!

Pod systems continue to get more advanced in terms of features and overall construction. These portable, user-friendly replacement pods have revolutionized the vaping industry. How? By simply allowing vapers to enjoy salt-based nicotine or freebase e-juices without any hassle, of course. So, if you want to get the most out of your open pod system in 2022, we recommend spending some cash on replacement pods. In fact, by having multiple carts, you can switch between vape juice flavors within seconds while still not missing a beat during your vape sessions.

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