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A Guide to Vaping During Allergy Season

Posted by David on

Are you dealing with the stuffy nose and congested throat that come along with allergy season? While this time of year makes most people feel incredibly happy and refreshed, allergy sufferers often find themselves dreading the first sign of blooming flowers and buds on the trees.

If you’re a vaper, you might be wondering how your favorite hobby is impacting how you feel during allergy season. The question that remains on most vapers’ minds during this time of year is whether or not vaping actually makes allergy season worse.

What Causes Allergies Anyway?

Allergies are caused by an immune system that’s a little, well, confused. Those who suffer from allergies have immune systems that mistakenly think that the allergen is a threat to the person’s health, much like an infection such as the flu. So, the immune system goes into overdrive to eliminate the allergen from the body. This causes a widespread state of inflammation that can manifest in the form of congestion, itchy skin, watery eyes and more.

When we go outside during the springtime, we breathe in a lot of pollen, grass and other known allergens. Those who have allergies cannot tolerate breathing in even small amounts of these allergens, which is why these symptoms appear.

Can Vaping Make My Allergy Symptoms Worse Than They Already Are?

Unless you happen to be allergic to an ingredient in your e-juice, there’s no reason to believe that your vaping hobby is actually worsening your allergy symptoms. There’s no known link between vaping and your immune system responding to outside allergens.

However, there are some things about your vaping hobby that can indirectly make your allergy experience worse during the spring months.

Drink Lots of Water

Your body needs a lot of water in order to be in good overall health. If you’re dehydrated, many bodily processes can decrease in functionality and that includes your immune system. Some people find that vaping slightly dehydrates them, especially if they’re heavy vapers. So, during allergy season, make sure that you double up on your fluids in order to fight against those symptoms.

Vape Indoors Whenever Possible

If you enjoy vaping best when it’s done outdoors, you might have to change your habit. As you probably know, being outside puts you in direct contact with those allergens that your body is reacting so badly to. And, if you go outside several times each day to enjoy a vaping session, you’re breathing in a lot of that pollen. So, if you can, vape indoors as much as possible.

Keep Your Windows Closed if You Can

Another way to avoid dealing with excess allergens is to keep your windows closed. Many vapers who live with others feel that it’s polite to blow their vapor out the window so that it doesn’t fill the room. Open windows let all of that pollen into the house. So, instead, consider blowing your vapor into a towel or another type of material that can absorb those clouds.

Take Your Allergy Meds

Of course, the best way to avoid dealing with allergy symptoms while you vape is to simply take your allergy meds. If you need to, visit a doctor who can prescribe something strong enough for your symptoms.

Don’t Let Seasonal Allergies Stop You from Vaping

Vaping during allergy season doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your hobby without worsening your symptoms. 

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