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7 Accessories That All Pipe/Herb/Wax Enthusiasts Need in 2024

Posted by David on

Get ready because 2024 is here! Not surprising that a lot of us are reevaluating our arsenals of pipe/herb/wax gear, deciding on what we want to invest in for the new year, and what we want to leave behind in 2023. While you’re going through your collection of pipes, grinders, and the like, don’t forget about those accessories. The accessories market has really evolved recently, and we’re seeing more and more exciting innovations that aim to make our smoking/dabbing routines both more enjoyable and more convenient.

7 Must-Have Accessories to Add to Your Arsenal in the New Year

Let’s take a look at the accessories that you can find at the Vape Mall in 2024, which can cover all of your bases, from the latest grinders to advanced smell-proof pouches.

Heady Swabs 50ct Box

First up, we have the Heady Swabs 50ct Box, which offers something that goes above and beyond the humble cotton swab. Made from organic bamboo and cotton, it features an innovative shape that’s perfect for cleaning your pieces, including those with narrow airflow. The design is particularly absorbent, and capable of getting all of that gunk off the inside of your pieces. You’ll enjoy a total of 50 individual swabs, all of which are biodegradable as a nice added touch.

Plastic Pre-Roll Stash Tubes

The Plastic Pre-Roll Stash Tubes are what you need if you’re someone who either rolls their own or purchases ready-to-use pre-rolled flower, as they offer the perfect protection against anything that could interfere with your ability to enjoy them. These plastic tubes are clear, so you can see the contents, with a simple screw cap that keeps everything in place. Not only do they protect your pre-rolls from getting crushed or torn in transit, but they also act as the perfect storage tubes that keep the contents from getting too moist or too dry, before they’re ready to be enjoyed.

Metal Pipe Screens 5pk

If you’ve never used pipe screens before, you don’t know what you’re missing. They’re small mesh screens, usually made from metal, that are placed inside of the bowl of your pipe, and what this does is prevent bits and pieces of flower, ash, and gunk from getting into the airflow channel of your pipe, potentially clogging it up, causing a buildup that can ruin the taste of your clouds, or getting into your mouth (anyone who’s inhaled hot ash by mistake knows what we’re talking about). These little screens may not look like much, but they can infinitely improve your pipe-smoking experience, and these metal screens come in a pack of 5.

Small Metal Grinders

Grinders aren’t a luxury item – they’re basically a requirement for most smokers. Whether you’re someone who rolls their own or uses a pipe, grinding up that flower guarantees a nice, even smoking session that can help you get as much as possible out of your buds. And, these miniature metal grinders come in a nice selection of colors to pick from. Perfect for traveling with, the grinder design has 3 pieces, with 2 pieces acting as the grinding components, and the 3rd piece collecting the ground up bud, working as a possible storage compartment as well for later use. Each grinder comes with a metal scoop.

Zen Natural Pipe Cleaners

Cleaning the inside of your pipe or rig isn’t a task most people look forward to. But, with these natural pipe cleaners from Zen, you can take a lot of elbow grease out of the process. They’re made from 100% natural cotton, so you know you’re using a safe and environmentally friendly option, and at just $.99 for a pack of 10, the value is undeniable.

Piranha 4-Piece Grinder

We already covered another grinder, but if you’re looking for something a little more high-end, we’ve got the Piranha 4-Piece Grinder, which is larger than the other one we covered. The sleek metallic aluminum looks stunning, and it has sharp teeth that will last and last, grinding your buds perfectly. It uses a magnetic connection to ensure that it stays shut even if you drop it, and features a 4th compartment that collects kief, which can be repurposed in all kinds of fun ways. It comes with a scoop as well as a small carrying bag.

The Gordito Smell Proof Storage Pouch

Finally, we’ve got The Gordito Smell Proof Storage Pouch. This pouch can hold a 4” piece along with your dry herb and accessories, with a side compartment on the interior to help keep things organized. A carbon filter system does a flawless job preventing your buds from smelling, and the design is waterproof and lockable as a nice touch. Its high-end design adds an air of luxury to traveling with your gear.

Treat Yourself to New Accessories in 2024!

Explore these accessories for 2024 here at The Vape Mall, since each offers the latest in the world of pipe, herb, and wax trends to help you enjoy your sessions to the max. In fact, all of these accessories are made from trusted names in the industry and are crafted with care to ensure nothing but the highest levels of quality.

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