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5 Reasons to Go with an Organic CBD Tincture in 2021

Posted by David on

When shopping for a new CBD tincture, you’re likely taking several things into consideration all at once, because you know that not all hemp products are created equally. You are looking for a trustworthy brand, the right milligram strength, a awesome taste, and the right type of hemp extract, among other things. However, there is another important factor often overlooked- organic.

What Makes a CBD Tincture Organic?

In order for a CBD tincture to call itself “organic”, the farm from which the hemp was derived must be certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Hemp can only be certified organic if it meets an extremely strict criteria which involves the conditions in which the hemp was grown.

Why Don’t All CBD Companies/Manufacturers Make Organic Tinctures?

If organic is always better, then why do so many companies use conventionally grown CBD? Well, there are a couple of key things at work here:

  • Obtaining an organic certification is not always an easy process because:
  • -It can take a while to get that certificate.
  • -It can require some financial resources to be tested by the USDA in the first place.
  • Many CBD companies simply don’t care. How come? Because hemp is a massive trend right now, there are a lot of brands that are simply looking to make some money off of the fast-growing market, and they are cutting corners in order to increase their profits.

5 Reasons for Going Organic During the CBD Tincture Buying Process

Now, let’s discuss why organic is always better when it comes to CBD tinctures.

Reason #1: Free of Pesticides

Pesticides are known toxins that can disrupt various bodily systems when consumed too frequently. They are used to keep pests away from crops, but this can be at the expensive of consumers. The hemp plant is a unique absorbent one, meaning that it’s very good at drawing toxins out of surrounding soil. This is why it is that crucial that hemp is grown in a pesticide-free environment.

Reason #2: Less Likely to Contain Heavy Metals

Another type of toxin that can get into the hemp plant via the soil is heavy metals. Heavy metals can find their way into soil and enter the plant material. Like pesticides, they should be avoided whenever possible because of their potential negative effects on one’s health. Organically grown hemp is far less likely to contain heavy metals than that which has been grown conventionally.

Reason #3: Shows That the Company is Committed to Quality

Another thing to keep in mind is that when shopping for CBD, you want to find a company that goes above and beyond to deliver high-quality products. Seeing if they use organic hemp is a great indicator that they’re committed to superior manufacturing methods, which means that the product is more likely to give you the desired results.

Reason #4: Could Be More Chemically Stable

It’s highly likely that organic hemp can yield a more chemically stable end product. This is because certain toxins may speed up the process of the compounds in hemp breaking down, which means that by the time the product gets into your hands, it’s very vulnerable to chemical instability caused by certain environmental factors. A product that’s chemically unstable can go bad and lose its potency before the expiration date has arrived, which can lead to you wasting a considerable amount of money while enjoying a less-than-stellar hemp experience.

Reason #5: Might Be Better-Tasting

CBD that comes from organic hemp may have a cleaner and more satisfying flavor. This is because it’s not riddled with impurities that can interfere with the flavor molecules.

How Do You Know if a CBD Company Makes Organic Tinctures?

Most companies that do will proudly state this on their product description or their label. But not all companies do, unfortunately. You can most definitely reach out to a brand via their customer service contact in order to ask them yourself. Any CBD company that goes out of their way to produce organic products should be more than eager to share this information with consumers when asked.

Another thing that can help you determine the organic status of a CBD tincture is the lab reports. Any trustworthy hemp company displays their lab reports on their website. These lab reports come from a third-party testing facility, and they break down all of the crucial information regarding the hemp extract used by a company. These reports are unbiased, so you can trust them wholeheartedly.

Many CBD lab reports will state whether or not a hemp extract comes from organic plant material. If it doesn’t, you can find out this information elsewhere. All lab reports state the potential presence of impurities like heavy metals and pesticides. If you see that these impurities are in the hemp extract, even in trace amounts, that can show you that the hemp was not grown organically.

Where Can You Find Organic CBD Tinctures?

Maybe you simply don’t want to spend all day searching the internet for organic tinctures. Well, if that is the case, you’re in look. At The Vape Mall, we make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for, because we offer a nice selection of organic CBD tinctures that are labeled as such. You’ll find that our organic CBD tinctures selection is large and diverse, which will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. They come in a wide range of milligram strengths, formulations, and hemp extracts, so you’ll have no trouble choosing a product that best reflects your goals and needs.

As you can see, organic CBD tinctures are easily better than ones made with conventionally grown hemp. So, the next time you go shopping for a new tincture, make sure to check for evidence that it was made using organic crops.

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