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5 Reasons to Choose Blazy Susan Pink Cone 6-Pack

Posted by David on

Blazy Susan Pink Cone 6-Pack provides you with dual stacks of 3x empty 1 ¼ size cones that’re ready to be filled with your favorite dry herb, offering an extremely user-friendly alternative to rolling your own the old-fashioned way. Having that unique cone shape lets you stuff even more product in each one, all while enjoying a refreshing change from the usual aesthetic thanks to the bright pink hue of the paper.

A 6 Pack of Pink Pre Rolled Cones is One of the Most Popular Blazy Susan Products For These Reasons

Need more convincing? Well, let’s take a closer look at this product, since it offers up all kinds of amazing advantages.

Reason #1: Environmentally Friendly

Are you all about that eco-friendly lifestyle? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know that the paper used to produce Blazy Susan Pink Cones is totally friendly to the environment. It’s natural paper that isn’t treated with any harsh chemicals which are known to harm the planet. So, in this case, each paper is fully biodegradable. This way, you can feel good about using them.

Reason #2: Allow You to Pack Even More Product

Cones get their name from their cone shape, meaning that the end is wider than the top. This serves one very specific purpose –each piece can fit a lot more dry herb than rolls that have the same diameter from beginning to end. As a result, you can enjoy longer smoking sessions since there’s more product to get out of each and every one.

Reason #3: Super Slow-Burning

These cones are made to burn slowly, thanks to the material from which they’re made. The slower the burn, the more puffs you can get out of each one. After all, no one wants a roll that burns so fast that you lose half of what’s inside between each puff. Despite being so slow-burning, the material is super thin, so that it’s malleable enough to twist easily without having to worry about tearing the paper during the process.

Reason #4: Easier Than the Traditional Way of Rolling

Let’s face it – while a lot of us love smoking out of papers more than any other method out there, not all of us are natural-born rolling experts. Manually rolling your product in a leaf of paper isn’t exactly the most intuitive process, as it’s all too common to rip or tear the paper, not to mention the overstuffing and under-stuffing issues that can totally ruin your smoke. With cones, they’re already rolled – just stuff them with your ground up flower, twist the end, and you are ready to get your smoke on!

Reason #5: Chlorine-Free and GMO-Free

It’s always nice to know that you’re smoking a “clean” product – in other words, one that’s not treated with synthetic chemicals that are questionable to inhale, at best. Not to mention, you’d be surprised by how commonplace it is to find papers that’re bleached with chlorine, or even made from GMO materials. Fortunately, these pink cones are free of those not-so-great ingredients, and you will be able to tell just by the pure flavor that doesn’t interfere with the taste of your flower whatsoever.

Try These Awesome Blazy Susan Pink Cones Today!

No doubt, Blazy Susan Pink Cones can bring even more satisfaction into your smoking hobby, providing a user-friendly, super-sized, and eco-friendly way to roll your dry herb throughout the day. This 6-pack of 1 ¼ size cones means you will be able to get in a whole lot of smoking with every purchase, too. Check them out at The Vape Mall, and you won’t be disappointed!

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