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5 Easy Steeping Techniques to Remember Here in 2022

Posted by David on

While steeping is an extremely popular practice, not every vapers out there believes that it's necessary. Ultimately, vaping is a hobby/lifestyle that's all about experimentation. So, if you're content with the taste of your e-liquid as it is, you don't have to steep it.

Keep in mind, however, that most vape juice manufacturers do not steep their e-liquids prior to distribution. Hence, there is a good chance that the e-juice that you purchase is supposed to be steeped prior to use.

3 Popular Steeping Techniques You Should Want to Master Then

Again, whether or not you steep your pre-made e-liquids is totally your call. However, these steeping method types below are known to enhance your e-juice’s flavor and nicotine potency, resulting in a more satisfying and well-rounded vaping experience.

Method #1: Slow Steeping

One of the most popular methods is slow steeping. While it takes a bit more time than other popular methods, it requires the least amount of effort. Once you've stocked up on e-liquid, place the bottles in a dark place like a closet or a cabinet. Whether the caps are on or off of the bottles makes no difference.

Each day, give the bottles of e-liquid a very gentle shake for a few seconds. This will encourage the oxygen molecules to interact with all of the molecules in your vape juice. You can steep your vape juices using this method for between one and two weeks. Take notice that the color of your e-liquid becomes slightly darker as the steeping process goes on.

Method #2: Warm/Hot Bath Method

The warm bath method is also quite popular. For this method, fill a basin or a bowl with warm water. Then, place your e-liquid bottles in a resealable plastic bag. Put the bag of e-liquid bottles into the bowl and leave it there overnight. By the morning, your e-liquids should be slightly darker in color. This means that they're ready to be vaped.

Method #3: Use a Slow Cooker

This is one where you will need to fill the crockpot with water and then place the bottles of e-liquid in a medium-sized zip-lock bag, removing as much air as possible in the process. From there, you put the crock-pot on a low setting, and place the bottles there. Leave the crock pot on for 30 minutes up to 4 hours max, while keeping an eye on it occasionally. Once ready, uncap them, so they can breathe. Then, re-cap and shake well before pouring into your tank to vape.

Method #4: Seed Steeping

Seed steeping is an interesting method that involves placing a drop or two of steeped e-liquid into the bottle of an e-liquid that has not been steeped. The idea here is that the trace amount of steeped e-liquid will activate the oxidization process.

Method #5: The Use of Steeping Method #10: Use Hot Rice

Usually, uncooked rice is used when you’ve a bit of water in your cellphone and need it to come out. However, hot rice can be an interesting steeping method. Simply fill a microwavable bowl with dry, uncooked rice, and heat it in the microwave until hot. Then, cover the bottles of e-liquid with the rice entirely. When the rice is cool, check the juice. If necessary, repeat until the e-juice is ready. Once it’s ready, uncap, and let them breathe, then cap and shake well.

Which Steeping Method Will You Use Next Time if Need Be?

Each and every vaper has their own top method of mixing and steeping vape juice. Still, if you need to really steep those bottles of e-juices for the most flavorful and impactful experience possible, it really won’t hurt to attempt one or more of these steeping methods above, in order to see what produces the optimal e-liquid that meets your preferences. Speaking of preferences, there aren’t incorrect ones per say, assuming once again, you get the flavor you want from your e-liquids coupled with the most rewarding vaping experience.

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