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4 Ways to Prevent Dry Hits in Today’s Vaping Times

Posted by David on

There is nothing that vapers hate more than a dry hit. Almost everyone who has been vaping for a long period has experienced the dreaded dry hit. When it hits you the first time, you feel like abandoning your vaping device until you remember the good times you’ve had with it. Most vapers who have been vaping long enough have had a couple of dry hits. Thankfully, dry hits can be easily avoided and after finding the solution to the problem, you can get back to your wonderful vaping experiences.

How Do Dry Hits Occur?

Dry hits usually occur because of inadequate e-juice absorption while the device is heating. When the wicks in the atomizer are not moist, the heat has nothing to vaporize, and it scorches the wick instead. This makes you experience a hot burnt taste that will make your taste buds dread the moment they came to be and probably start thinking of migrating. A burning smell is produced, and you will also cough a lot.

Based on many instances, dry hits occur due to specific causes, faulty units being one of them. However, most of the dry hits are caused by human error. You might be forced to think that you purchased a faulty vaping device only to discover in the end that your device is just fine, and the dry hits were caused by minor mistakes. Once you learn how to avoid them, you’ll hate yourself for not discovering it sooner. The frustrating experiences are usually because of the following reasons:

Improper Wicking

When you fail to put sufficient cotton between the coils, the heating of the coils does not go at the pace which the cotton is absorbing the e-juice. Putting a strip of cotton that is too thin will always result in a dry hit and you must put enough to avoid it.

Using Overused Cotton

It is normal for someone to assume the need to change the cotton every time you put new e-juice in the tank. Most people do not think that it is necessary but once you experience the burnt taste, you know for sure that it is time to change the cotton. Overused cotton will be unable to soak enough e-juice causing a dry hit. In this case, a cotton change will solve the problem.

High Wattage

Most of the devices that have been introduced recently can handle the high wattage. However, some of the previous ones are incapable. Your vaping device may be meant for power wattage of below fifty watts and using higher power wattage may be the cause. You can try using a lower wattage and see if you get rid of the dry hits.

Using a Faulty MOD

Although not often, you might purchase a faulty device that is unable to perform accurately. It is however rare since most manufacturers produce devices that are of high quality nowadays. Your device might be working incorrectly leaving you with no choice but to find a replacement.

Final Thoughts

Inadequate e-juice is the most common cause of dry hits in different devices. Dry hits are less common in MODs and new modders are the only ones likely to experience dry hits. MODs require huge pulls to avoid leaving some liquid on the wick. If any liquid gets left on the wick, the next pull will utilize the liquid that had remained and since it will have been heated for a longer period, the hit in that instance will be burnt. Luckily, the problem ceases when the user gets used to it.

Dry hits can be eliminated by simply avoiding the fore-mentioned mistakes. All it takes is for you to be mindful when using the vaping device and you will forget that the problem ever existed. You should never forget to power the vape adequately and ensure that the e-liquid is well saturated. By doing this, you will always enjoy your vaping experience.

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