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2023 Rules of Dripping You Need to Know!

Posted by David on

If you’re an avid vaper looking for a way to take your hobby to the next level, dripping may be the way to go. This advanced method of vaping does require a hardware overhaul and some serious patience, but many find that it’s otally worth it. Generally speaking, dripping allows some advantages over sub-ohm vaping, mostly dealing with cloud size and flavor.

But, in order to drip, you need to understand the process thoroughly, because it’s quite involved compared to more traditional vaping methods. As you’ll see, there are strict rules when it comes to vaping that ensure a successful experience overall. Before we break down those rules, let’s first discuss what dripping is.

A Brief Recap About Dripping

Dripping is a style of vaping that is done with a standard vape mod and a type of atomizer called an RDA. An RDA is unlike a tank in that it doesn’t contain a juice well where e-liquid is poured in. This is because of the nature of dripping. Rather than pouring vape juice into a tank and taking hits as needed, the user pours a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil, takes a couple of hits and then repeats the process.

So, what is the appeal of dripping over other vaping methods? Well, dripping enhances two aspects of vaping dramatically: flavor and cloud size. Most vapers will tell you that there’s no such thing as too much flavor, or clouds that are too big. So, you can naturally understand why dripping is so appealing.

What are the Rules of Dripping?

Dripping is, however, an advanced vaping style. That being said, it’s important to know how to properly dip in order to have a vaping session that’s safe and enjoyable.

Rule #1: Use the Right Hardware

Dripping can only be done with the proper hardware. Not only do you need to purchase an RDA specifically for dripping, but you also need to make sure that your mod is high in quality and reliable, so that it can consistently deliver in terms of performance. RDA’s are easy to find these days, so you’ll have no trouble choosing one that suits your needs.

Rule #2: Use a Compatible Coil

As is the case with all styles of vaping, it’s essential that your coil is compatible with the rest of your setup.

Rule #3: Only Pour Out a Couple of Drops at a Time

When dripping, the user removes the drip tip and pours a couple of drops onto the coil – usually no more than five. It’s important not to exceed this amount, or else you’ll end up with a flooded coil that can’t produce satisfying hits of vapor.

Rule #4: Double-Check That the Drip Tip is Back On

Before going to take a hit following pouring e-juice into the coil, make sure that the drip tip is back on, or else you’ll seriously burn your mouth. You’d be surprised by how many people accidentally burn themselves because they weren’t paying attention.

Rule #5: Don’t Try to Stretch Out Your Hits

Each time you pour vape juice onto your coil, you’ll get only a couple of hits of vapor before you have to repeat the process. Don’t try to take more hits than the e-liquid on the coil will allow, or else you’ll end up getting unpleasant dry hits that irritate the throat, and you’ll run the risk of burning your coil, which will mean that you have to replace it.

Rule #6: Use Premium E-Liquids Only

Finally, it’s extra important that you vape only top-quality e-juices. E-liquids made with cheap ingredients can burn and gunk up your coil, which will result in an unsuccessful vape. Further, cheap e-liquids may taste poor due to how much the process of dripping brings out a bolder flavor.

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