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Why Isn’t Delta 8 THC Working for Me? What Can Be Done to Make Delta 8 THC Work!

Posted by David on

So, you’ve been hearing all of the hype about delta 8 THC for a while, and you’ve finally decided to give this cannabinoid a try to see what its psychoactive effects are all about. What happens when you go to take your first dose of delta 8, and nothing happens? Believe it or not, it’s not unheard of to not feel the effects of delta 8 initially, or even the first few times. Good news is, usually, making some simple changes can allow you to get a totally satisfying delta 8 experience at last.

Why Delta 8 THC May Not Be Working

If you feel as though delta 8 THC’s effects are quite living up to your expectations, there are actually a number of reasons why you might not get those results you were expecting, as you’ll see below.

Reason #1: Your Tolerance is Higher Than You Think

Anyone who is already an experienced THC user might have a high tolerance to delta 8, and simply needs more than the average user to get the results they were hoping for. Besides that, some people naturally have a high tolerance to THC due to the CB1 receptors in their brain, which are responsible for signaling the psychoactive response we experience from certain cannabinoids.

Reason #2: Your Body Reacts to THC Differently

Another possibility is that your body is just unique in the way in which it processes delta 8. We tend to underestimate just how many physiological factors influence the high we get from certain cannabinoids, based on things like our current state of health, our hormonal balance, our neurological and immune systems, etc.

Reason #3: Your Estrogen Levels are Low

Surprisingly, a lot of women find that throughout their menstrual cycles, their tolerance to psychoactive cannabinoids changes. When a woman’s estrogen levels drop during her period, her tolerance to THC increases, and she’ll likely find that she needs a higher dose of the cannabinoid than usual to get as high as she normally does.

Reason #4: You Have Other Active Compounds in Your Body

Other substances that affect your nervous system, such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and even other cannabinoids, can all influence how high you get from delta 8. For example, caffeine may counteract a lot of the psychoactive effects of delta 8, and even CBD can subdue the cannabinoid’s intoxicating qualities to some extent or another.

Reason #5: You Don’t Have an Effective Delta 8 Product

Perhaps the delta 8 product itself is the problem? Simply put, it is because it’s not effective. An expired hemp product won’t get you high, since the compounds will have degraded and become ineffective. Products made using cheap manufacturing methods can also be highly unstable, and struggle to really absorb into the body. Worse, there’s always the risk of having a fake hemp product that doesn’t actually contain any cannabinoids at all.

Reason #6: You’re Just Not Taking Enough Delta 8

We get that some people may be nervous about the effects of delta 8, and, choose to take a very tiny amount to avoid getting too high. But naturally, failing to consume a meaningful number of milligrams means that you just won’t really be impacted by its effects at all.

Reason #7: You’re Expecting the Effects to Kick in Right Away

If you’re eating delta 8 gummies, it can take up to a couple hours to feel the effects unless you have an empty stomach. Even some strains found in vaping products can take 20 minutes or longer to take effect. So, it could be that you’re just not waiting long enough for your dose to kick in.

Tips For Getting That Delta 8 THC High You’re Seeking Out

Delta 8 THC can be an impactful cannabinoid due to its blissful effects on both the mind & body. Still, you may find that from time-to-time, you’re not getting the results that you’re expecting. If delta 8 didn’t do the trick the first go around, don’t give up – just follow these tips below.

Tip #1: Give Delta 8 a Second Try

Sometimes, a person just doesn’t get high the first time, for reasons we don’t fully understand. The bottom line is that you should always give it another go and see what happens, rather than writing off delta 8 altogether.

Tip #2: Try a Higher Dose

The next time you try delta 8, opt for a slightly higher dose. Example of this would be if you’re taking a couple puffs of a delta 8 vape, try several and see what happens.

Tip #3: Try Delta 8 When You Haven’t Taken Anything Else

Give delta 8 a try when there’s nothing else actively in your system, like coffee, other cannabinoids, or medications (prescription or non-prescription).

Tip #4: Choose a Reputable Source

Look for a delta 8 company that has lots of positive reviews from satisfied customers, and even third-party lab test results on their website that confirm the potency and purity, as well as the authenticity, of their products.

Experience a Solid Delta 8 THC High at Last

Overall, there is nothing quite like the soothing, uplifting effects of delta 8 THC, and if you didn’t get them the first time you tried this cannabinoid, attempt again utilizing the provided tips above.

Remember, delta 8 is complex; hence it could take a little bit of time before it really starts becoming effective. Just stick with a daily routine, and even consider changing up the product type or dosage amount as you see fit, to really reap delta 8’s full potential. It’s rare for delta 8 to not have any effect on your body, so keep experimenting until you finally find the results you were looking for.

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