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What’s the Difference Between Dipped, Coated, Sprayed, and Infused CBD Gummies?

Posted by David on

Nothing really can top a tasty CBD gummy, since it offers many potential benefits of cannabidiol (dominant cannabinoid in hemp). Available in a wide selection of flavors and milligram strengths, CBD gummies aren’t just delicious, but long-lasting, since the effects of CBD can last for up to a whopping 8 hours at a time.

Virtually every company out there that makes hemp products carries their own version of CBD gummies. And while most of them make it pretty easy for us to check the ingredients, number of milligrams per piece and whether they contain CBD isolate, full spectrum or broad spectrum hemp extract, one thing that companies tend to make less clear is how the CBD is added to the formula.

What are the Key Methods for Adding CBD to a Gummy?

When it comes to producing CBD gummies, obviously, the major component is the CBD itself. Of course, no one is mixing actual hemp flower buds into their gummy formula, since chewing on leaves isn’t fun, so what companies do is create a CBD-rich hemp extract by running the raw hemp material through an extraction process – usually involving pressurized CO2 – which results in an oil-soluble product that’s easy to add to the gummy ingredients.

But, the manufacturer has a few options when it comes to how the extract is included in the formula.

Option #1: Dipping

One method is dipping the gummy into the hemp extract, which coats its outside in CBD. In other words, once the gummy is made, it’s then coated in the CBD extract. This is more common with full and broad spectrum extracts, as CBD isolate is more commonly found in crystalline powder form.

Dipping sounds like a very practical way to turn regular gummies into CBD gummies, right? Well, it actually has some drawbacks. For one thing, if the CBD exists only on the outer layer of the gummy, the friction of gummies constantly bumping into each other in a package means that a lot of that CBD can actually come off the surface of each piece over time. The result is gummies that end up being less potent.

Another issue is that if the extract contains terpenes, as do full and broad spectrum extracts, you’re much more likely to get a bitter, grassy taste if the gummy has been dipped. That’s because the terpenes haven’t been mixed in with the flavoring ingredients of the gummy but are rather sitting on top. And, as we all know, the hemp plant has a unique, pungent and plant-like flavor that, love it or hate it, can be a bit much when you’re actually eating a hemp product.

Method #2: Spraying

This is when you take a CBD gummy and spray the outside with hemp extract. And, it basically gives you the exact same result as dipping. In other words, the CBD is just on the surface of the gummy, giving you the same potential drawbacks as we stated above – mainly, a good chance of the CBD-rich coating coming off the gummies in transit, along with the potential for a bitter taste.

Method #3: Coating

Sometimes you might hear the term “coated” in reference to CBD gummies. “Coating” I simply the more general term for gummies that have either been dipped or sprayed, as both methods ultimately coat the gummy in a layer of CBD extract.

Method #4: Infusing

The final method is infusing, and that’s the one that is considered superior. Infusing CBD gummies with hemp extract means that the CBD is inside the gummy, not outside. This means there’s no coating of CBD on the surface of the gummy that can end up coming off, and it also means that the flavor is a lot more likely to be wholly appealing. The method is simple, too – just blend CBD extract into the rest of the gummy ingredients, so that it’s distributed evenly throughout each piece.

How Can I Tell How CBD Has Been Added to a Particular Gummy Formula?

There is no law saying that companies have to disclose which of the above methods they used. So, naturally, that can make it difficult to know what you’re dealing with when shopping for CBD gummies. But, remember that you can always contact a company and ask them. Not only that, but more and more hemp brands are advertising the fact that they infuse, rather than coat their gummies, knowing that more and more hemp enthusiasts are aware of the differences between coating and infusing.

Bottom Line: Infused CBD Gummies are Always Better

Essentially, gummies that are infused, rather than coated with cannabidiol are always considered better. They’re going to have a better flavor, not to mention, more likely to have the effectiveness level that you’re looking for. Fortunately, you can find plenty of companies that are making high-quality CBD-infused gummies nowadays. Explore the selection of CBD gummies at The Vape Mall to find the best options available, and simply avoid gummies that are either sprayed or dipped – depending on your preferences.

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