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What You Really Need to Know About High Quality Vape Juice

Posted by David on

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Chances are if you visit this blog, you already like to vape and you probably know a bit about the liquid that fuels vaporizers, known as vape juice, e-liquid, or e-juice. However, even seasoned professionals in the vaping world have a few misconceptions or do not fully understand everything e-juice. We are here to fill those gaps and tell you what you really need to know about quality vape juice, no fluff and no filler - just like our products.

More Than a Good Vaporizer

A myth has been permeating throughout the vaping community that the quality of your vaporizer is all that matters. The claim is that all e-liquid is the same, and therefore it is irrelevant what you decide to use in your vaporizer. We are here to dispel this myth. A great vaporizer will provide just the right heat mechanism and good battery life. It will be made of durable and sturdy materials and offer versatility. There is also an element of modern design, look, and feel. Choosing a vaporizer that meets these qualifications could be do or die for your vaping experience. However, the quality of your vaporizer is no more important than the quality of product you put in it.

High quality e-juice will improve the taste and effect of your vaping experience. As with other fine items, such as wine, coffee, or cheese, it is difficult for the inexperienced or unfamiliar to realize the difference, but once you vape with outstanding vape juice, it is difficult to mistake the difference. Your entire vaping experience could be expanded and improved.

So, What is E-Juice?

There are crazy designs for vaporizers out there, but all devices need just heat and a liquid to operate. The heat is supplied through a ceramic, glass, or aluminum mechanism inside the vaporizer, while the liquid is vape juice. It can make a massive difference for your vaping experience to have an effective heat mechanism and high quality vape juice.

The base of most (if not all) e liquid is one of two products, either propylene glycol (shortened to PG) or vegetable glycol (shortened to VG). E-juice can also be formed from a combination of the two. Then, producers add water, which is what creates the vapor when you light a vaporizer or e-cigarette. As well, most e-juice will contain some amount of nicotine, but this is an optional additive and a number of e-juices come nicotine free.

From this base, e-juice can take on a number of flavors and possibilities. Let your imagination be your guide as you browse sweet and savory options for e-juice. Suppliers can imitate a wide range of food substances, smells, and flavors, including cotton candy, mint, pink lemonade, and even tobacco. This factor alone sets vaping apart in addition to the obvious reduction in health risks. The manufacturer’s ability to diversify the product means there's always something new. Yet, it is quality of vape juice that can take your vaping experience to the next level.

Signs of Quality Vape Juice

The popularity of vaping has skyrocketed in recent years. While this popularity inspires innovation and diversity of product, it also has the negative consequence of mass production. Certain companies who expand quickly will lose sight of quality control, careful development of their e-liquid products, and ignore testing. This means consumers can receive a sub-par product. Your vaping experience will not be entirely satisfactory when low quality e-juice is in your vaporizer.

Vape juice that does not pass strict quality controls or testing could contain the wrong level of nicotine, incorrect flavor combinations, or not be made fresh. Each of these aspects will affect the consumer experience. First, the nicotine used in e-juice must meet certain purity standards, and your manufacturer should guarantee or promise a certain nicotine quality. Second, mixing flavors is a careful business, and a company should do more than push anything and everything into the marketplace. Third, but certainly not least among the considerations, is the effect of the elements on the vape juice. Temperature, light, and air can all taint the flavor and potency of the vape juice. Therefore, when shopping for vape juice, pay attention to what a manufacturer promises about the product. You want vape juice that is tested, controlled, and made fresh when you order. Finding e-juice that has these attributes could improve more than your immediate vaping experience.

Just like food and liquids, what you inhale enters the systems of your body. The vapor from your e-cigarette or vaporizer will create a positive physical effect, in the form of increasing relaxation and dampening sugar cravings. However, the vapor also enters your lungs, blood vessels, and body tissue. You want to put the best possible substances into your body, and this extends to the e-liquid in your vaporizer. When you purchase your vape juice from The Vape Mall, you can be assured of a high quality product with every purchase. To place your order today, simply follow this link to our e-liquid shop.

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