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What to Do if Your Glass or Silicone Pipe isn’t Producing the Right Level of Smoke/Hits

Posted by David on

If you’re rocking a glass or silicone pipe, then you may occasionally encounter a time when you’re just not getting the smooth, luscious hits that you’re used to. If you have noticed that something is off with your smoke output, then it’s usually one of these culprits below, which are all very easy to fix.

Tip #1: Make Sure It’s Not Clogged

First off, you gotta check that your pipe doesn’t have a clog in it, because if it does, you’ll get either pathetically weak hits or no hits at all. A clog can happen because of a buildup of resin (if you’re not cleaning your pipe regularly), a piece of flower that got stuck, or debris from where you’re storing your pipe. Either way, find a long pointy object like the end of a wire hanger, and poke all the way through the airflow channel to break up whatever is causing the jam, before rinsing the airflow channel thoroughly under a faucet.

Tip #2: Use Fresh Herb

If you’re using herb that isn’t fresh, it can struggle to smoke properly, leading to weak yet harsh and irritating hits. Once that herb gets too dry, it can burn too much, meaning that the smoke output is anything but thick and rich. Make sure you’re using herb that you’ve purchased sometime in the last few months, and make sure that you always store your herb properly in an airtight container, or else it may dry out sooner than you think, and lead to a lot of disappointing hits.

Tip #3: Know How to Load the Bowl

A lot of times, poor hits come from failure to load the bowl of your pipe the right way. A lot of people love to cram tons of herb in their bowl, not realizing that a crowded bowl won’t burn properly since there’s not enough airflow to ensure the right burn rate. Consider loading your bowl with a little less flower next time, and also making a point not to pack it too tightly.

Tip #4: Think About the Grind

Another thing you might want to consider, if you haven’t already, is investing in an herb grinder. Technically, you can smoke without one, by breaking apart each bud by hand. But, a grinder can improve the quality of each hit by increasing the surface heating area for a more even burn each time you light the bowl, and this also tends to provide the best airflow to ensure that each hit delivers nothing but smooth, thick smoke time and time again.

Tip #5: Make Sure You Have the Right Quality Pipe

Finally, keep in mind that sometimes, you can just end up with a lousy pipe on your hands that was constructed so poorly, it’s not going to give you a satisfying smoke no matter what. A pipe that has the wrong airflow channel width can allow either too little or too much air to pass through, both of which can lead to disappointing hits. Or, the pipe’s bowl may be designed poorly, so that it’s unable to allow for the right burn rate. Make a point to choose your glass or silicone pipe wisely from a trusted retailer, to make sure that you have the right equipment for a satisfying smoke.

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