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What is the Acrylic Dugout with Metal One Hitter?

Posted by David on

It never fails to impress us when smoking hardware brands come up with completely new ways to enjoy our favorite herbal products. Take the dugout one hitter, a revolutionary type of piece that instantly sets itself apart by its distinctive design, and also acts as one of the most travel-friendly devices you can possibly get your hands on. At The Vape Mall, we know that many of our customers are always looking for an even easier and more portable way to enjoy their herb no matter where they are, which is why we’re delighted to carry the Acrylic Dugout with Metal One Hitter .

What is a Dugout?

A dugout is a multi-tasking device designed to be taken anywhere for easy, mess-free and hassle-free smoking. It’s extremely compact, not to mention discreet as it looks like a small box rather than a pipe of any kind. It has a chamber for storing your dry herb, a chamber for loading it, and a tiny pipe that acts as a one-hitter – in other words, a pipe that’s small enough to give you about 1-2 puffs before it needs to be reloaded.

Because they’re so pocket-friendly, and because they don’t look like regular pipes, they’re a common go-to when you’re attending a concert, town fair or other large public space. A huge advantage is that because they contain a storage chamber for your herb, you don’t have to travel with a separate container. Everything you need, besides the grinder, is found in this one simple device.

The Acrylic Dugout with Metal One Hitter

The Acrylic Dugout with Metal One Hitter is crafted from thick, durable, high-grade acrylic and metal materials, making it a reliable, resilient option for taking with you anywhere. The unique shape gives it some major appeal in the aesthetic department, and it’s outfitted with everything you need for a solid smoke, including a storage chamber for dry herb that’s not yet in use, a loading chamber for the dry herb you’re about to smoke, and a tiny pipe that allows you to enjoy a standard one-hitter smoking experience. The metal one-hitter component fits right into the acrylic housing for a secure and efficient couple of puffs.

How to Use It

Now, if you’ve never used a dugout before, you might be clueless as to where to start. Even though it’s a very user-friendly piece of equipment, it’s still foreign to most smokers out there, who need a little bit of guidance for the first time they’re going to use it. Luckily, there’s really nothing to it, as you’re about to find out.

Step #1: First, load your dry herb into the storage chamber. Do this by opening up the top and finding the chamber that holds your product – it’s the larger chamber, so you’ll be able to identify it right away. One quick tip we want to point out is that one-hitters seem to do best with well-ground herb that’s on the drier side, because of the smaller airflow channel.

Step #2: Now, when you’re ready to smoke, open up the top of the dugout, which will reveal the area that fits your one hitter. Load the one hitter as needed, and place the bowl side down, into the dugout. Make sure to twist it a bit to get it in there nice and securely.

Step #3: Go ahead and light the one hitter as you normally would, and even enjoy a totally discreet and satisfying smoke!

Why is the Acrylic Dugout w/ Metal One Hitter a Must-Have for Your Collection?

Most of us find ourselves having to smoke on the go from time to time, and plenty of us want to avoid drawing attention to ourselves when doing so, for various reasons. A dugout is one of the most discreet ways to enjoy your hobby, and it’s why these devices are so common at concerts. It looks like a small box, as we said earlier, so most people won’t even know what it is while you’re handling it.

Besides that, it’s a super-efficient design in general. Again, it minimizes the need for lots of space when you’re traveling with your setup. The convenience can’t be stated enough when it comes to having a storage chamber inside the same device that holds the one hitter itself. You no longer have to keep your dry herb in an entirely separate container that also needs to be accounted for.

Try Acrylic Dugout with Metal One Hitter Today!

Overall, the Acrylic Dugout with Metal One Hitter gives you everything you need to enjoy a more convenient way of smoking anywhere. Sturdy, compact, and perfectly designed, it’s ready to be your new favorite travel companion, made to make your smoking lifestyle more effortless than ever before.

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