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Vaping Refresher: 3 Quick and Key Differences Between Authentic Pod Systems and Clone Pod Systems

Posted by David on

No vaper can deny that the pod system has completely revolutionized the vaping world. This portable, user-friendly vaping method allows us to enjoy high levels of nicotine without having to deal with large, heavy, complicated mods. If you're looking to pick up your first pod system in order to simplify your vaping lifestyle, there are many high-quality devices to choose from.

However, it is crucial that you know how to spot a clone. Because of the enormous popularity of pod systems, the market is full of counterfeits that are made by questionable manufacturers trying to make a buck. And, nothing is worse than coming home with a brand-new pod-based system and suddenly discovering that it's a clone. Luckily, determining the authenticity of your pod system, regardless, if the device is an open pod mod or a closed pod mod, is fairly easy.

How to Spot Those Fake Pods and Only Buy the Real Thing!

Here is where we are going to break down these differences between authentic pod systems and their clone counterparts. This way, you can rest assure that you've got the real deal.

#1: Authenticity Number

Because of the large number of clones that are on the market, vape manufacturers have begun to include authenticity numbers on their packaging. This way, a buyer can simply enter the authenticity number into the company's website in order to verify its legitimacy.

Of course, manufacturers of counterfeit pod systems have caught on. You'll likely find authenticity numbers on the packages of clone pod systems as well. The difference is that these numbers will not work when you try to enter them into the company's website.

#2: Price Tag

If the price of a pod system seems too good to be true, like that old saying goes with a slight twist, it's probably a clone. While you can find distributors that sell authentic pod systems at discount or wholesale prices, it is unlikely that you'd find one that's sold for less than half of its retail price.

While we understand the excitement of finding a coveted piece of vaping hardware at a ridiculously low price, it is important that you question the authenticity of the product if the distributor is charging a suspiciously small amount of money.

#3: The Overall Vape Quality

Typically speaking, clone pod systems are made with inferior materials and a low attention to detail. Therefore, you can expect a vaping experience that just isn't as satisfying.

  • -A clone pod system will likely have a cheap battery that does not last for an exceptionally long time.
  • -You may find that the flavor just is not right or to your liking as it normally is when vaped with a different device.
  • -Vapor production is disappointing.
  • -Handling the device: Does it feel sturdy? Does it look like it was built with high standards in mind? Does it feel suspiciously lightweight? Simply ask yourself these questions before purchasing it in order to avoid buying a low-quality clone.
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