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Top 4 Hand Pipes at The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Hand pipes are more than just a trend. For, quite literally, thousands of years, they’ve been used for smoking dry herb, and it goes without saying that they’ve evolved quite a bit over the years. As smoking has become more and more mainstream in recent decades, we’re seeing a wider selection of hand pipes than ever before, featuring all kinds of innovative technology, design features, construction materials, and more.

Here at The Vape Mall, we carry a good selection of hand pipes made by beloved brands in the hardware industry. Plus, if you’re thinking about treating yourself to a nice new pipe just in time for the holidays, we’ve got you covered.

Best-Selling Hand Pipes at The Vape Mall!

These awesome hand pipes have remained massive crowd-pleasers in our ever-growing catalog of pieces, offering up everything one could ask for from a smoking device, while also providing the ability to smoke in style. Each one is made by a trusted manufacturer, from reliable materials to ensure that they’re built to last.

#4: Novelty Printed Silicone Pipes

Silicone pipes are a big deal these days, as they offer a shatterproof alternative to the more traditional borosilicate glass. They’re also just as stylish, as proven with these Novelty Printed Silicone Pipes, that come in a great variety of novelty prints to show off your personal tastes like never before. With options like camo, the American flag, and a comic book theme, you’ll have no trouble finding the ultimate pipe for your smoking needs. The pipe design features a removable bowl, and a carb on the left side to help elevate your smoking experience.

#3: Elephant Glass Hand Pipe

Then, there’s the Elephant Glass Hand Pipe, which is an all-time favorite here at the Vape Mall. The elephant-inspired design is absolutely adorable, and it’s a statement piece as much as a totally suitable device for enjoying your favorite dry herb. The “trunk” acts as the mouthpiece, and there’s a carb on the back. The bowl is located in the center of the elephant’s back. The Borosilicate glass offers a beautiful variety of colors and patterns to choose from, and no matter which one you go with, you’ll have one of the most gorgeous (and adorable) pieces possible.

#2: Large Chunky Silicone & Glass Pipe

The Large Chunky Silicone & Glass Pipe is a great choice for someone looking for a really sturdy and substantial piece to add to their collection. Incorporating both glass and silicone pieces, to give you the best of both worlds. It’s highly durable yet has elegant accents that give it style. It features a glass bowl, with a honeypot concealed beneath, and a carb hole on the side. It also conceals a metal poker beneath the neck so that you can always have the perfect amount of airflow. The pipe is super ergonomic, so that you can grip it comfortably, and without worrying about it slipping.

#1: 4.5in Knob Hand Pipe

Last but not least, we have the 4.5in Knob Hand Pipe, which has become a best seller here at the Vape Mall. It’s stylish, functional, efficient, and ergonomic all at once, and it’s also very compact, making it a great pipe to travel with. The trio of knobs at the side help you grip this device easily without any worry about it slipping, and a carb hole at the other end is a nice touch. It’s made of glass, and it has an elegant appearance to it, while coming in a variety of colors to choose from.

Treat Yourself to a Brand New Hand Pipe Just in Time for the Holidays

Here at the Vape Mall, we’ve got all of your needs covered when it comes to the pieces you want to add to your collection – not to mention the accessories, too. If you’re seeking out a new hand pipe to add to your arsenal, each are fantastic choices that have different features and designs, while all serving the same purpose of giving you a dreamy experience with your favorite dry herb flower. Check out these devices and more, and don’t forget to explore our full catalog that has everything from quality grinders to pipe screens.

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