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Top 3 One Hitters at The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

One hitters are a big trend right now, as far as pieces are concerned, and it’s easy to see why. These pocket-friendly pipes offer everything you could ask for in terms of convenience, portability, and discretion, and the market is evolving fast to offer a wider selection of impressively designed pieces than ever before. At The Vape Mall, we offer a few fantastic models that’re all made by respected manufacturers in the industry, to offer you the flawless and simplified smoking session that you deserve.

What is a One Hitter and Why are They Immensely Popular Right Now?

First off, let’s quickly touch upon what a one hitter is, and why it might be exactly what’s been missing from your arsenal of pieces and accessories. A one hitter is a very small, narrow, and straight device that has some type of bowl or chamber at the end, into which you apply just a small amount of dry herb – enough for roughly 1-3 hits, depending on the size. You light the end and inhale, and that’s about it.

One hitters offer several benefits over other types of smoking devices, including the fact that they’re:

More portable, so they’re perfect for when you’re traveling and don’t want to worry about having to carry a larger piece around.

Super discreet, with many being no larger than a cigarette, so you can draw less attention to yourself while smoking.

Easier to maintain, because they have a smaller surface area to keep clean, and the straight airflow channel means they’re super easy to rinse away gunk.

Ideal for when you want a quick, easy, and effortless smoking session.

Best One Hitters to Score at The Vape Mall

Now, let’s take a look at a few awesome one hitters that can deliver all of those advantages above, while presenting a nice variety of designs and choices to select from.

#3: Metal One Hitter

The super portable Metal One Hitter comes in two sizes: small (2 inches) and large (3 inches). As you can see, both of them are travel-friendly, and are crafted from highly durable metal material so that they won’t break should you drop them. This one hitter design is very simple, with one end that you can just dip into your flower, and a straight airflow channel that gets you those smooth clouds without any obstructions.

#2: Acrylic Dugout with Metal One Hitter

Then, we have the more innovative dugout design, which features an acrylic stash box that holds a metal one hitter conveniently snuck into its design once you open it, and which can be taken out at any time. The ultimate in travel-friendliness, it’s a pocket-friendly set that gives you everything you need to enjoy a satisfying smoke, except for the lighter and grinder, of course.

#1: 4 Inch Carved Wooden Dugout w/ One Hitter

The 4 Inch Carved Wooden Dugout w/ One Hitter is our personal favorite, since it brings some style into the equation. The carved wood itself is an elegant and high-end touch to the concept of a dugout paired with a one hitter. It offers a 3” metal cigarette-style one hitter inside, and a spring-loaded chamber along with a swivel top, showing off some knack for efficient design. The wood carving is gorgeous, and you can choose from a nice array of colors. The dugout itself is 4 inches, which means that you won’t have any trouble traveling with this kit wherever you go.

Streamline Your Smoking Sessions with These Great One Hitters!

Basically, you can’t go wrong with having a one hitter in your collection of pieces. They really come in handy, especially when you’re not at home and want to savor some dry herb with as little effort as possible. Meanwhile, these awesome one hitters we carry offer everything you could ask for in terms of portability, durability, convenience, and efficiency, so that you can savor every cloud of smoke with the right amount of discretion to ensure that you can enjoy your dry herb in peace.

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