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The Strain Game in CBD

Posted by David on

First-time CBD users can be understandably intimidated by the wide range of strains that are available on the market today. After all, CBD users first need to learn about the differences in cannabinoids, the differences between hemp and marijuana, the unique benefits of each method of administration and how to seek out the best-quality product. Once you add the world of strains into the mix, things can get a little overwhelming.

But the truth is that the world of strains isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds. Besides, it’s possible that knowing the differences between different strains can have a lot to do with whether or not you find relief with CBD. You see, different strains may promote different benefits, which means that knowing which strain to buy can help you actually experience the results that you’re looking for.

So, how can you figure out which strains to buy for your unique needs? We’re gonna explain what strains are before breaking down the most popular CBD strains that are easily accessible today.

What’s a CBD Strain?

A strain refers to the unique chemical composition of an individual hemp crop. Each hemp plant contains a unique combination of compounds including cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids include CBD, CBC, CBN and THC, and each cannabinoid seems to boast its own unique benefits. Additionally, hemp includes a wide range of terpenes such as eugenol, linalool and limonene. Terpenes are compounds that exist in the essential oils of plants, and each terpene seems to have its own unique benefits as well.

Therefore, a strain is the unique combination of these compounds. Some strains seem to be uniquely helpful to anxiety sufferers because they’re richer in cannabinoids and terpenes that calm the nerves. Other strains may help with pain because of their naturally high amounts of anti-inflammatory terpenes and cannabinoids.

Some strains are more popular than others because of the unique effects that they may deliver. CBD cultivators crossbreed different strains in order to be able to produce unique but consistent results.

One last thing worth noting is that different strains have different flavor and aroma profiles because of the terpenes that are in them. So, know that the strain that you buy will have its own distinctive taste and smell.

  • Indica:Known for being calming and being felt more in the body than in the mind. Often preferred by people suffering from anxiety, pain and difficulty sleeping because they seem to slow down the nervous system while helping the muscles relax.
  • Sativa:Energizing, and they are felt more in the head than in the body, usually. These strains seem to stimulate the mind, which results in a more exhilarating experience. More popular to consume during the daytime rather than the nighttime because they help a person feel focused and awake.
  • Hybrid: Contain elements from both Indica and sativa strains that have been blended together. Basically, you’re getting the best of both worlds, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Should I Make a Point to Seek Out Specific Strains for Specific Purposes?

If you’re willing to take the time to study the different CBD strains that are out there, you won’t be wasting your time. Knowing which strains work for you and which don’t might make a huge difference in terms of whether or not you find relief from your symptoms. For instance, knowing that certain strains are more effective at helping you experience relief from pain will ensure that you always purchase a CBD product best suited for you needs.

How Can I Know Which Strain I’m Buying?

Unfortunately, not every CBD product will feature its unique strain on the label. However, you can call the manufacturer and ask them yourself. Additionally, any good CBD company will make their third-party lab results accessible to you as a customer. These lab results include a breakdown of the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the product, which can inform you on what the strain is.

That Stain Could Make a Difference

While all CBD products have the potential to benefit you in a wide variety of ways, knowing the difference between CBD strains can help you zero in on your specific needs like never before. In addition to the very popular strains listed above, there are even more strains out there, with more being developed each week. So, do some research in order to determine which strain might be best for you.

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