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The History of Suorin

Posted by David on

Suorin’s influence over the trajectory of vaping hardware throughout the industry is simply undeniable. The first brand to truly focus on handheld, user-friendly devices, they have raised the standards for pod systems over the years by seamlessly blending phenomenal tech with stunning visual design. A force to be reckoned with, they boast many of the most successful vaping kits in history, and their output clearly isn’t slowing down any time soon.

So, let’s take a look back at the evolution of this brand, from the very beginning to now.

Suorin: A Pioneer from Day One

Located in the city of Shenzhen, China, Suorin’s headquarters bump shoulders with the most successful names in hardware history – SMOK, Aspire, GeekVape, Vaporesso, Kanger, and many more. This city has singlehandedly brought us the most popular vaping devices to ever grace the market, and so it’s clear that Suorin’s beginning is tinged with prestige.

The brand launched in 2016, and hit the ground running with the Suorin Air – a product so ahead of its time that 7 years later, it continues to sell in impressive numbers, even as countless vaping systems have debuted since. It may seem like it was a million years ago before pod systems became mainstream, but in 2016, the technology for them was incredibly new, and few competitor brands were investing in this technology, instead favoring box mod setups. Suorin was, perhaps, the first hardware brand to really invest their all into this new, developing trend, and obviously, the efforts have paid off.

The Suorin Air offered a card-like design – possibly the first of its kind – to deliver the sort of portability that had been unheard of with open systems. Its ultra-slim shape also allowed it to fit comfortably in the pocket. Featuring one of the first refillable pod designs with an integrated coil, it boasted user-friendliness rarely seen before, to help even more smokers than ever transition to vaping. Another thing that Suorin made mainstream was simplified devices that were as minimalistic as possible – think draw-activated systems, no buttons or display screens, etc. The Suorin Air features a 400mAh battery that’s charged through a type-C charge port, and at the time that was considered very powerful for such a small device.

Since then, the iconic Suorin Air has seen an upgrade, in the form of the Suorin Air Plus, offering a more powerful battery, a larger cartridge capacity, and dual pods featuring integrated coils at different resistance levels.

Following the success of the Air Series, Suorin launched the Drop, yet another pod system featuring a unique water droplet-shape, to usher in a new era of pod system aesthetics. The Drop proved that you could make visually stunning pod systems that are every bit as functional as they are stylish. Designed to be highly ergonomic, it also raised the standards for comfort and travel-friendliness. Again without buttons or screens, it’s incredibly beginner-friendly, and is known for its long-lasting coil, integrated into its pod cartridge.

The third release from Suorin was the Vagon, with its innovative curved design made to take ergonomics to new heights. With an integrated 310mAh battery and 1.3ohm integrated coil, the device is considered one of the most consistent in performance on the market.

Following the success of the first three releases, Suorin released the Edge, one of the absolute best-sellers in the history of pod systems. This time, it featured a removable battery, to offer more power and longer-lasting battery life. Again using a draw-activated firing mechanism, it blends convenience with impressive output, and utilizes another integrated-coil pod with generous e-liquid capacity.

The Suorin ELITE is one of the more recent models from the brand, and has gone above and beyond to satisfy an even wider market of vapers. With a stunning 1100mAh battery built into the chassis, it’s one of the most powerful all-in-one systems on the market, all while promising to offer both MTL and sub-ohm vaping styles through the use of interchangeable coils – the 0.4ohm mesh coil, and the 1.0ohm round coil, which are both easy to install. Using button-activated firing rather than draw-activated, it’s a more advanced pod system that relies on a display screen and adjustment buttons to select the desired output settings.

Suorin’s dedication to pod systems has paid off. Never has the brand released any box mod hardware, and yet they came in just at the right time, precisely before every other hardware brand switched over to focusing on pod systems. Suorin got their foot in the door early enough to quickly dominate the market, and remain there ever since, all while only improving their original formula with more power, more customizability, and more luxurious design. All the meanwhile, they’ve never strayed from their initial mission, to offer beginner-friendly, simplified systems to cater to a wider range of vaping needs.

Explore Suorin’s Products for Yourself At the Vape Mall

Suorin products are now sold in over 90 countries, having sold a staggering 40 million units since 2016. They boast 194 patents, and their products are sold in over 100,000 physical vape stores.

At The Vape Mall, Suorin’s innovative hardware has maintained its popularity since their pod systems first graced our catalog. And, the brand is working on more exciting innovations for the near future, which we’re eager to add to our growing collection. So, if you have an interest in finding out what sets this brand apart, we encourage you to check out their affordable pod systems for yourself. Given their phenomenal reputation, it's safe to say that you won’t be disappointed.

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