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The History of Kangertech

Posted by David on

The vaping industry has evolved so quickly in such a short period of time that it’s easy to forget its early days, when box mods first hit the market, and looked quite different from how they do today. And, it’s just as easy to forget that one of the leaders in the earliest days of vape hardware was Kangertech, known by many as “Kanger”, who continues to develop new and exciting innovations on the vaping market.

Now, let’s take a look back at how this brand became who they are today, and some of their most standout innovations over their impressive number of years in the business.

Kangertech: The Beginning

Nowadays, the city of Shenzhen, China is synonymous with vaping innovations. Home to legendary hardware brands like Vaporesso, GeekVape, and SMOK, you could say that there’s something in the water. But, Kangertech predates all of these companies, first opening up their Shenzhen headquarters in 2007, when vaping was barely mainstream. During their first couple of years, they put enormous resources into research and development, to establish reliable, durable, safe, and user-friendly means to enjoy the new technology intended to challenge cigarettes.

Kanger really deserves our praise and thanks, as they really did develop the earliest prototype for what would become the highly ubiquitous box mod system. After all, they were the first company to develop a bottom-coil clearomizer – basically, the sub-ohm tank as we know it today – which revolutionized vaping forever. It’s hard to remember now, but before these kinds of innovations hit the market, e-cigarettes were the name of the game, which offered no customizability, an unreliable battery, and poor vapor output. Kanger’s mission from day one was to make vaping more satisfying, more modifiable, and more powerful, to appeal to more individuals looking for a way to find gratification without relying on analogs.

Kanger’s earliest tanks were the MT2 and MT3, both of which were made of a plastic material. It didn’t take long before more powerful mod devices started hitting the market, and it quickly became apparent that plastic tanks were no long cutting it. So, Kanger released the Protank, deciding on a construction made of Pyrex glass and stainless steel – the two materials from which practically all sub-ohm tanks are made from to this day. The original Protank could be described as the second true sub-ohm tank, after the launch of the Nautilus from Aspire, and ushered in the new era of vaping systems by complementing the progressively powerful mods debuting throughout the industry. Next came the Subtank, and was the first tank to offer a rebuildable atomizer, which allowed users to enjoy even more control over their vaping experience by building their own coils.

Once Kanger found success with their innovative, groundbreaking tanks, they began to produce their first mods. The earliest mod from Kanger was the Evod, which was sold along with the Evod Clearomizer, known for combining affordability with convenience. It was a pen mod, as was what dominated the industry at the time before box mods became the more preferred type of device. The Evod features an integrated battery, a small number of power presets, and the convenience of being compact yet substantial in its ability to deliver a lot of vapor.

The first box mod to be released from Kanger was the K-Box, a 120W device that uses a single 18650 battery, and comes with 5 power presets rather than the adjustable wattage output that would become far more popular not long after. The K-Box didn’t even feature a display screen, but what it did have was sublime user-friendliness, and a streamlined interface that brought many first-time vapers to vaping. Many credit the K-Box with ushering in the era of box mod setups that still remains popular today.

It's important to remember that in the early to mid-2010s, box mods were quite primitive, and the ones released by Kanger were considered very advanced for their time. The second iteration of the K-Box featured adjustable wattage up to 60 watts, and was given the nickname, the “Subox.” Then came a new 200-watt edition, integrating early chipset technology, followed by the Cupti, another single-battery setup with an integrated clearomizer that introduced the idea of high-capacity tanks into the vaping space. Around the same time, the Dripbox arrived, which brought squonking to the vaping mainstream.

It didn’t take long for vaping enthusiasts to look eagerly to Kanger to see what would become the new trend in the vaping world. Throughout the 2010s, they were considered one of the most innovative companies out there, unafraid to push the envelope in vaping technology to bring along new styles, features, and designs to improve the daily life of vapers.

The Future of Kangertech

While Kangertech remains incredibly popular, and even is planning on several new releases in the near future, it’s safe to say that the vaping landscape has changed a lot since they first hit the scene. Now, they have many brands in direct competition, that didn’t exist in those early days. And, while Kanger has proven that they like to take their time researching and developing new products, competitors have been able to release products more rapidly, which has made it harder for Kanger to keep up.

But, at the same time, Kanger has produced some of the most dependable, long-lasting hardware that the market has ever seen. It’s no surprise that the Kanger products at The Vape Mall continue to be used to this day, including their brilliant coils, their tanks, and more.

So, if you want to see for yourself how Kanger’s hardware stands out from the rest, explore the amazing selection at The Vape Mall, where you’ll find a wide selection of top-rated gear.

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