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The History of GeekVape

Posted by David on

Easily, one of the most recognizable hardware brands in the vaping game is GeekVape. Renowned for their staggering lineup of high-tech vaping gear, they carry some of the most celebrated tanks, mods, and coils that the industry has ever seen. But, how did this Chinese hardware company become so lauded over the last few years? Well, let’s take a look back on their history, as well as their biggest successes and achievements.

The Beginning

GeekVape may be an icon of the vaping hardware industry today, but the fact of the matter is that they haven’t even been around for a full decade. The brand was launched in 2015, in Shenzhen, a city in China that has long been associated with the a number of the most forward-thinking tech companies in the world. Over the last handful of years, Shenzhen has also become home to numerous legendary vape hardware brands, GeekVape being among them.

The name is a clever one, and shows that even from the very beginning, the brand had the mission of standing out among the hardware industry as makers of some of the most high-tech vaping hardware out there – using the term “geek” to bring to mind tech “nerds” who want only the most innovative and advanced hardware there is. The brand’s slogan, “Geek knows better,” demonstrates their desire to appeal to tech-savvy vapers in the vaping community.

Today, GeekVape proudly has over 30 million customers worldwide, with products being sold in 70 countries. But, how did they first set themselves apart? The initial goal was to appeal far more to experienced vapers who enjoyed advanced equipment, with lots of customizability – the sort of hardware that DIY vapers in particular gravitate toward. But, within just a couple of years, the brand began to make products intended to appeal to beginners as well, with more user-friendly mods and starter kits. All the meanwhile, GeekVape found another way to corner the market, by emphasizing affordability to make luxury vaping gear more accessible worldwide. A big part of the brand’s ability to offer uniquely affordable hardware comes from their control over production, doing everything from technology research to full manufacturing in-house.

The Tsunami, The Aegis Line, and More

The first product released by GeekVape was the Tsunami, in 2016, which was a high-performance dual coil RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer). The Tsunami quickly became a hit, offering a highly innovative airflow design that greatly enhanced flavor and cloud production, while enabling more complex builds than ever before. The success of the Tsunami brought the brand a reputation as rebuildable atomizer experts, and led to other successes, including the Avocado RDTA, the Griffin RTA, and the Ammit RTA.

It was in 2017 that GeekVape became a household name among the vaping community, with the release of the Aegis line, that continues to outperform the competition today. Not only did the Aegis line of starter kits and coils blow vapers away with its performance, efficiency, and power, but it presented us with the very first vaping systems to boast IP67/IP68 ratings, providing hardware that’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. This was also a turning point for the company because it demonstrated that they could craft hardware that combined the most advanced technology with refreshing user-friendliness, and streamlined designs to usher in a new era of modern, visually enticing vaping aesthetics.

The Aegis line has since evolved to include a massive range of box mod systems and pod systems, each showing off new and exciting features, along with efficient design to make vaping more convenient, portable, and customizable.

Becoming an Industry Icon

GeekVape’s Aegis line remains one of the most successful hardware collections of all time, and has led to other successful releases from the company. At the same time, the brand has achieved icon status through their massively successful products, combined with some of the most exciting marketing campaigns the industry has seen. GeekVape has teamed up with sports brands over the years, with one of the most well-known being their collaboration with Aston Martin during the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, culminating in the release of 4 hardware products under a sponsorship with the luxury sportscar company. Another memorable success was GeekVape’s partnership with Paris St. Germain, leading to a number of releases donning the football club’s famous colors. This ushered GeekVape into a new era of brand recognition across the world.

Currently, GeekVape is constructing a massive $1.55 billion, 540,000-acre industrial park in the town of Zhuhai, to act as the new home to their manufacturing. This demonstrates their dominance on the market, and shows that they have big plans in the future, to offer even more output to satisfy the demands of their millions of customers. This park promises to offer a more environmentally friendly approach to the brand’s manufacturing, and is projected to produce 400,000 units every year. As of now, it’s planned to open sometime in 2023. GeekVape says that with the new resources, they’ll be able to devote even more of their efforts not only to production, but to research, in order to establish new standards in vaping technology, to satisfy generations of vapers for years to come.

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