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Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Aspire K4 Starter Kit

Posted by David on

Aspire has certainly given us a lot of phenomenal vaping hardware over the years, and the Aspire K4 Starter Kit may be one of their most highly anticipated vaping setups to date. This highly advanced pen-styled device is a far cry from those that hit the market nearly a decade ago, with more advanced features than ever before along with the ability to supply you with phenomenal clouds and vapor, all while being a far more portable option for sub-ohm vaping fans. Combining its ultra-powerful battery with the iconic Cleito tank, it’s got everything you need for flawless vaping sessions all day long.

Anyone new to the Aspire K4 who wants to be able to use it right out of the box, allow us to help by offering a simple guide to using this device for the first time, so that you can get started savoring its luscious fog potential in no time.

How to Use the Aspire K4 Starter Kit

Step #1: Remove the K4 Mod and Cleito Tank from the packaging. Within the tank is a pre-installed coil, and there is a second coil that comes with the kit. Hold onto this second coil and all the other components for a later time.

Step #2: Charge your K4 mod. To do so, locate the battery charging port on the device and plug it into your charger. An LED light indicator will let you know when the device has reached a full charge. For future reference, we recommend that you charge the device whenever the light turns yellow.

Step #3: Next, it’s time to fill the Cleito tank. The tank has a capacity of 3.5 milliliters, so fill the tank until you reach the stop line. Allow the tank to sit for 5 minutes so that the e-liquid absorbs into the coil, which will prevent it from burning out when it’s time to be used.

Step #4: So, with your fully charged battery and filled tank, you can assemble the kit. Screw the tank into the top of the device. Now, use the button to turn the device on.

Final Step: Hold down the power button while inhaling to take a puff of vapor. Repeat until satisfied. There are no adjustments that need to be made as this device operates at a fixed output level based on the configuration of the included coil.

Overall, the Aspire K4 Starter Kit is an exceptional vaping system from one of the leaders in the vape hardware game, and it’s very easy to use which makes it great for vapers of all levels to use.

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