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Step-by-Step Guide: Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Kit

Posted by David on

The Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Kit is easily one of the most revolutionary of its kind, featuring some seriously robust technology including an unusually powerful integrated battery as well as the amazing ability to build your own coils. This highly advanced vape kit is also portable enough to be carried around in your pocket throughout the day, making it one of the most coveted pod systems to date.

The Mi-Pod is a super-compact innovative electronic setup with a 2mL juice capacity and a custom-made, internal 950mAh battery. Featuring a patented OAS system (Oil and Air Separated), with top airflow and no leaking, the Mi-Pod brings vapers completely new vaping experience. It supports refillable and disposable cartridges. Also, the Mi-pod comes with manual auto-draw, a 3-color power indicator, and a micro-USB port, which makes it quite convenient to use and charge.

Now, if you’re interested in grabbing the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod System, this guide is for you. We’re going to walk you through all of the steps required to enjoy this kit to its fullest potential. This way, you can enjoy a superior vaping experience within minutes of taking the components out of the box.

Step #1: In the box, you’ll find the Mi-Pod, cartridge, two refillable pods, lanyard, a charging cable, and a user manual. Remove all of the components from the box with the exception of the user manual. Keep these two remaining components in the box and store the box somewhere safe. The user manual and warning card may come in handy later.

Step #2: Use the charging cable to charge the device. It features an LED light that turns green when the device has reached a full charge.

Step #3: While the Mi-Pod is charging, you can start prepping your pod cartridge. First, decide whether you’d like to vape freebase or salt nic e-liquid. Then, choose the compatible coil for your preferred vaping experience. Insert the coil into the cartridge before filling the cartridge with e-liquid. Then, allow the cartridge to sit for five minutes so that the coil can be properly primed.

Step #4: Attach the filled pod cartridge to the fully charged mod.

Final Step: Fire your first hit and enjoy!

The Mi-Pod Pod System is a truly groundbreaking unit that’s got the whole vaping community talking. If you’re one of the lucky ones to own this kit, this guide will help you tremendously. Before long, you’ll be using it like a pro.

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